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PSG | An Endless Controversy

Nasser Al-Khelaifi has brought together one of the greatest concentrations of talent in the history of football at PSG. The arrival of Leo Messi last summer (along with players such as Ramos, Donarumma or Achraf) completed a unique squad for Mauricio Pochettino, responsible for turning into a team what, to this day, remains an exclusive and very expensive album of stickers . It is not an easy task because, at the same level as football, managing egos is a major challenge.

Each defeat, each setback, opens a new crack in the fragile balance of a locker room to unite. The 2-0 against Rennes last weekend has caused an avalanche of criticism, some very severe, against the Parisians. On the part of the press, but also internally, the French media pick up. The photograph of the trident that Messi, Neymar and Mbappé form after winning Manchester City in the Champions League seems to be just a facade, the way to hide deep and structural problems in Pochettino's squad.

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In fact, the tension comes from afar. Specifically, since Neymar decided to leave the Camp Nou and start his adventure in Ligue 1, in August 2017, after PSG paid his termination clause. That same summer Kylian Mbappé from Monaco also landed in Paris and, since then, the relationship between the two has been built with a mixture of competitiveness, approaches and various controversies.

Beyond the minor episodes, a kind of joke had a long history that was not interpreted as such in the final of the French Super Cup played in China in August 2019. The Brazilian could not play that match due to suspension and, after winning the Parisians and trying to appear in the photo of the Neymar celebration, Mbappé pushed his partner away with an ambiguous gesture. The ex blaugrana seemed to accept submissive, but Verratti ended up incorporating him to the photograph.

A relationship of convenience

Both footballers have 'supported' each other for five seasons, seeking to add talent for the good of the collective, but looking at each other at all times from the corner of their eye and, of course, looking at each one for their interests. Like when Neymar tried to return to Barça to play with Messi again or, more recently, Kylian tried to force him to sign for Real Madrid. Al-Khelaïfi blocked both operations, which has ended up affecting their relationship, no matter how much they try to hide it. And, as they explain from France, the arrival of Messi, a close friend of the Brazilian, has caused the balance in the dressing room to have changed.

That's what the Frenchman complained about in the last mess. Mbappé was replaced at PSG-Montpellier on September 25. The cameras captured the ugly comment towards Neymar: "That beggar won't pass it on to me," he complained . One thing is the agreed images and another very different is the hot reactions. The latter reveal much more.

The harsh criticism of Neymar that can destroy PSG

PSG took a harsh correction on Sunday in the Rennes field and now it is also being taken away by critical voices. The defeat, although it was the first of the season and coming from winning against City in the Champions League hurt a lot. The disconnections in defense and a poor performance in attack, without getting to finish between the 3 sticks (minus a free kick from Messi, which did hit the wood) have heated up the spirits.

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These criticisms point directly to a name, that of Neymar. The Brazilian forward is registering his worst start to the year and this is not going unnoticed. Its lack of freshness is causing despair to fans who had enjoyed their best moment and who now, as they point out, can only remember what it came to be.

From L'Équipe they do not fall short and delve into this lack of performance compared to previous years, for that reason, they recommend their readers to put videos of theirs from 2017 or 2018 and later: "Breathe deep", before seeing their performances in the last months, which: "will make the most sensitive cry," they point out.

Neymar has always commented on his life off the pitch, often being the reason for continuous reprimands against his game. Lately he had pointed to being overweight , which he himself tried to deny by showing muscle after scoring with Brazil. It has not been able to do the same in France.

RMC uses his statistics to emphasize that he is far from being the soccer player who aspired to the golden ball, among many other issues. 1 goal and 2 assists in their first seven games are far from their past numbers.

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The difficulty in dribbling, its greatest virtue, and the lack of precision in the pass, linked to its lack of definition at this start of the season are unsettling PSG fans, who see how the mega trident that they have signed this season does not fuel. season. Not only the French media point to his performance, but also the Brazilian media are concerned and say: " Sunday was very bad."

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