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Red Devils Have An Easy Game With Tottenham | One goal, One Assist: CR7 Reports Back To ManUnited

Manchester United clearly won the away game against Tottenham 3-0. Above all, Cristiano Ronaldo provided arguments for the continued employment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was under special observation after the debacle against Liverpool.

After the 5-0 draw against Liverpool, Manchester United were undoubtedly under pressure in the away game in north London. The Red Devils started the game well against Tottenham. In the 3-5-2 with returnees Varane (for Rashford) in the defense headquarters and Cavani for Greenwood, the team from the controversial coach Ole Gunar Solskjaer initially did not allow much and repeatedly combined forward via the outside - although initially without earnings.

Portuguese co-production breaks the spell

The initial phase was calm, Tottenham did not come through. In the 24th minute, the audience got the first good opportunity to see. But Son made it too cumbersome and lifted over the box. In return, ManUniteds Cavani narrowly failed with a header (25th). There were still goals to be seen in round one - even if only a regular one: Because Romero was offside when he scored (28th). It was different with Cristiano Ronaldo in minute 39: The Portuguese completed a cross from compatriot Bruno Fernandes with a volley into the mesh. 

The fourth goal of the season by CR7 after four league games without a hit meant the break. The reason for this was also the strong defensive work of the guests. The best example of this was Wan-Bissaka's tackle in dire straits against Son (35th). Tottenham also missed the 1: 1 (45th) through Davies, who had looked bad when they conceded.

Cavani meets for the first time

After the break, Son recklessly forgave after a mistake by de Gea (47th), on the other side CR7 showed the ex-Leverkusen and Hamburgers how to do it: The attacker heaved the leather into the corner - Tottenham could be happy that he had previously been marginally sidelined (48th).

For a long time these two scenes were the only ones worth seeing in passage two. ManUnited did not allow much, but also had an easy game against Spurs. The North Londoners made mistakes - and one of them led to the next goal of the Red Devils: Bruno Fernandes licked the ball from Skipp, after which it went quickly over him and Cristiano Ronaldo. In the end, Cavani put in a cool (64th).

Rashford puts the lid on

Tottenham remained harmless in the aftermath and didn't even manage to seriously examine de Gea throughout the game. The pale Kane frivolously messed up after a Cavani bad pass (75th), which was all that the overall very harmless Spurs had to offer. ManUnited, on the other hand, even scored again: Joker Rashford, standing free, made the final 3-0 point (86th).

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