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Xavi Already Knows How To Revive Barça And Four Keys To Resuscitate Barça As A Coach

Xavi, who yesterday received the media endorsement of Pep Guardiola, has perfectly defined the diagnosis of Barça's ills. And you know what to do. And, above all, how you should do it. The former Blaugrana captain has spent months analyzing the team's game. And he has shared with Laporta (something that the president himself discovered yesterday at the press conference presenting Sergi Barjuán as interim coach) his conclusions. Xavi (like Puyol) believes that there is a squad to make a better game and, also, to obtain better results. Barça may not be here to compete for the Champions League, but they are here to fight for the League. And that is the goal: to make this Barça a recognizable team again.

You must get the most out of each of your footballers. Returning the illusion and pride to a dressing room that for weeks (if not months) had surrendered to mediocrity, to the despair of partners, fans, managers, the environment and the media. Xavi will arrive (probably next November 4) at the Camp Nou ready to 'resuscitate' a Barça, which must banish that sad image of a dying team that roams the fields of Spain and Europe like a zombie. The message that Guardiola sent yesterday leaves no doubt about the ability of the current Al-Sadd coach to lead Barça and save them from the crisis: "Xavi is more prepared than I was when I took the team."

Laporta, of course, thinks so too. The times of doubts (which existed) and mistrust (which also existed) are now past.The president considers that Xavi is the best solution (I believe, I insist, that the only one) to stop the collapse of Barça. Although yesterday he did not want to enter into evaluations about the immediate signing of the new Blaugrana coach. He even went so far as to say that there were other candidates. A very cautious attitude (perhaps excessively cautious) that contrasted with the emphaticness in which he spoke about Koeman. He described the situation of the Dutch coach as "unsustainable" and acknowledged that he made a mistake by not having dismissed him earlier. Laporta never believed in Koeman. Never. He reluctantly supported her. And in the end he had to act decisively. The same one that has pushed him to sign Xavi. That is the way.

Despite the fact that the official announcement of his signing will not be made official until next November 4, the truth is that Xavi Hernández has been 'guessing' for some time the idea of how the first squad of FC Barcelona should play and organize itself. As we have in ZAVIEWSPORTS, all the fringes between the parties involved are closed, but Al-Sadd has asked the Egarense coach to continue directing the team in the next two games. Then comes a month and a half break in the Qatar Super League.

His relationship with Laporta is and has always been very fluid and that has been key so that both the top management and Terrassa have understood each other perfectly and very quickly. There are a series of commandments, of keys, that Xavi has clear once he gets down to work at the head of the first team of the club of his life:

  1. He considers that there is a batch of spectacular footballers, with a lot of potential, who must be the standard bearers of the future and the immediate present. You long to be able to start 'shaping' them and helping them grow.
  2. The presence of up to five teammates from his time as a player in the first Barça squad considers Xavi an advantage. Far from being a problem or a barrier, he sees it as something positive.
  3. He believes that you have to raise the level of demand to be much more competitive. With the current squad level, he can give more and he defends it at all costs. It will squeeze the footballers.
  4. It is essential to recover the essence, the style, the so-called 'Barça DNA', what made Barça a distinguished, different club at the time. The ideas that are instilled in La Masia and in formative football, applied to the senior team. That is non-negotiable.

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