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Xavi Hernández | Barça's New Coach

The coach will maintain several contacts to formalize his signing for Barça. The idea is that you can travel to Barcelona on November 3 to start working.

Xavi Hernández could be Barça's new coach, officially, in the next few hours. The coach will maintain several contacts with Al Sadd today to formalize his departure and everything indicates that there will be no problems for him to disengage in a friendly way. The idea is that his signing can be official very soon and that Xavi travels with his coaching staff to Barcelona on November 3 to start working. Barça remains on the lookout for the coach's negotiations with his club and no one from the entity will travel to terminate his contract. Xavi has the word of the owner of the club to be able to leave in the case of an offer from the Blaugrana club and it would only be left to put everything in writing.

The official status of the signing of Xavi Hernández as Barça's new coach depends on how quickly he can dissociate himself from Al Sadd. Xavi has already reached a total agreement with Barça for the remainder of the season and two more years and the Blaugrana club already knows that they will not be able to count on him until the middle of next week, once Barça has played the decisive match of Champions against Dynamo Kiev.

Xavi has already communicated to Barça that their negotiations are on the right track, but there are still things to tie up and this will be settled in the next few hours. In any case, the club has already had several future planning contacts with the coach to assess the status of the squad and the actions to be followed in the short term to improve the team's performance. His signing has already entered the final stretch.

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