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Argentina Draws With Brazil And Goes To The World Cup From The Changing Rooms

La Albiceleste did not go from 0-0 with Canarinha, but benefited from the triumph of Ecuador in Chile (0-2). The superclassic ended up being a melee in which physical wear prevailed over offensive proposals.

Argentina is already in Qatar 2022. It qualified depending on third parties: it added a point in the superclassic with Brazil (0-0) and, when it was already in the locker room, it benefited from the unquestionable victory of Ecuador against Chile (0-2) . Mission accomplished, then, for Leo Messi's team, which maintained its two years of invincibility and managed to seal its pass to the World Cup with four days to go.

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Brazil, for its part, embraced the collective work to add a merit tie with which it confirms its undefeated leadership in the South American qualifiers. He could not take revenge on the Maracanazo of the Copa América, but he accepted that he had been able to stop his great rival in his own fiefdom.

Neymar is the beginning and the end of the Seleçao. Without the PSG star, absent due to some discomfort in the abductors, the Brazilians lost their point of reference and it took them a lot to come into play in the Bicentennial mousetrap. Only Lucas Paquetá provided some light, attempting direct connections with a Vinicius Jr., at the start, with a poorly calibrated foot.

Argentina had the ball, but sinned in the precipitation, which prevented the activation of Leo Messi , who regained ownership after his physical discomfort.

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The classic was played on the error of others, which led to a sequence of inaccuracies and a choppy rhythm. Without hierarchies, the middle class prevailed in the core that plays with the overalls on: on the one hand De Paul and Paredes and on the other Fred and Fabinho, substitute for Casemiro, goes down due to accumulation of cards. 

The game could have been blown up in a double referee error: Matheus Cunha's hands on the edge of his own area - which with Leo is half a goal - and an elbow from Otamendi in the mouth of Raphinha, analyzed by omission by the VAR when it was a book red.

It was not a beautiful first half. Good football was scarce and ended up being replaced by a melee, which only generated friction and fueled the underground game. When someone decided to play, some genius was seen, like that of Cunha, who, imitating Pelé, tried a shot from 56 meters away or that of a tunnel from Di Maria on Vinicius Jr.


And after so many stumbles, football arrived in a second half much more in line with a classic of this size. The ball rolled further and Brazil had it in a shot from Fred from outside the area who kissed the crossbar. The Seleçao was released and even Vinicius Jr. dared with a lambreta on Molina.

Argentina continued to sin the same: its manifest inability to bring Leo into play, which is its great defining element. La Albiceleste was very good in containment, but when they needed to go for victory, they lacked interior play, creativity and the ability to connect with their forwards.

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Scaloni's men left the field one step away from Qatar. The mathematical classification came fifty minutes later when the Ecuadorian victory against Chile (0-2) was confirmed. Argentina follows in the footsteps of Brazil and is the second South American team with the stamped passport for which everything indicates that it will be Leo Messi's last World Cup.

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