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Bale's Injury History: How Many Games Has He Missed?

Since Florentino Pérez paid 100 million euros for him in August 2013, the Welsh winger has suffered a total of 29 injuries. In principle, the attacker will not reappear until mid-December.

Stage Gareth Bale at Real Madrid is being constantly conditioned by injuries. Especially in recent years, the Welsh winger is not achieving continuity and is having a negligible role with the white club. With his selection he has still been appearing, but at the Santiago Bernabéu his contribution has been residual. Since Florentino Pérez stole 100 million euros in August 2013, the attacker has suffered a total of 29 injuries.

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In his first two seasons, Bale only suffered a foot injury (two games lost), a torn meniscus (two others), and two muscle injuries (four games) that, in total, kept him 49 days in the game. infirmary . As of the 2015/16 academic year, however, everything went wrong. That season, two muscular setbacks and a broken left calf took him off the pitch for a total of 15 commitments and 73 days.

The following year the numbers continued to worsen: between hip problems, ankle problems and two other muscle injuries, Gareth was out 136 days and could not play 29 games. It was, without a doubt, his worst season in this regard. The 2017/18 academic year, especially in the early stages of it, could not enjoy excessive continuity either. Three new muscle injuries prevented him from participating in 14 matches (78 days).

Between discomfort in the adductors, three ankle injuries, several muscle problems in the calf and an infection, between the 2018/19 and 2019/20 campaign, Bale was absent for 109 days . Madrid did not have him in a total of 22 matches. His low participation 'pushed' the white club to give him a year to Tottenham. In London he continued to have problems, although he only missed eight games through injury. The English club did not want to repeat Gareth and, this season, he has not played for Madrid for 61 days due to a knee injury and the umpteenth soleus setback suffered during the call-up with Wales.

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At least, from the merengue entity it is expected that the extreme will not reappear until mid-December. He will surely lose the duels against Granada, Sheriff, Sevilla, Athletic Club, Real Sociedad and Inter and it is a doubt for the derby against Atlético and the last match of Madrid in 2021, at the Santiago Bernabéu against Cádiz.

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