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Brazilian Grand Prix | Verstappen Also Threatens Trouble With Race Stewards

After world champion Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 front runner Max Verstappen is also threatened with trouble with the race stewards at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver was summoned for an interrogation on Saturday because he was accused of violating the rules. It is investigated whether Verstappen has violated the provisions of the so-called parc fermé, according to which no changes or repairs are allowed to the cars after qualification.

After the start chase, Verstappen could be seen touching the rear wing of his car and then the wing on Hamilton's Mercedes. The race stewards could ask for an explanation for this. To what extent Verstappen could face a penalty and how high it could be was initially open.

The world association Fia had previously accused the Mercedes team of bending the rear wing on the Silver Arrow too much. Hamilton faces a penalty because the so-called Drag Reduction System (DRS) could have given him an illegal advantage. The decision on sanctions was postponed after an initial review, as the Fia does not expect further information until Saturday morning (local time), the Mercedes team announced on Twitter during the night.

Hamilton had already been punished with a five-place penalty for the race on Sunday. The reason: an irregular engine change. In qualifying, the 36-year-old then distanced World Cup leader Verstappen by more than four tenths. In the overall standings, before the last four races of the season, Verstappen is 19 points ahead of Hamilton.

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