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Cristiano Ronaldo 'Exploded' Against Fernando Santos

The Manchester United striker didn't cut a hair after the final whistle. The coach wanted to take away the iron after the stake, but the images are overwhelming.

Mitrovic's 'in extremis' goal condemns Portugal to contest the playoffs to access the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. A draw against Serbia was enough for the Portuguese and they started winning. However, Serbia made the comeback at the last gasp, which left Fernando Santos' side with the face of not believing it. The frustration was so great that some, like Cristiano Ronaldo, lost their papers after the final whistle. The Manchester United attacker 'exploded' against his coach on the same lawn, in images captured by 'TNT Sports'.

Still on the same pitch, Cristiano was greeting the Serbian players when he suddenly ran into Fernando Santos. It was then that the Portuguese showed all his anger, gesturing and dedicating several reproaches to his coach, who chose to shake his hand and then turn around so as not to fan the experienced player's heat.

Later, at the press conference, Santos wanted to take away the iron, assuring that it was a normal and understandable situation taking into account the jug of cold water that involves having to play the play-offs when Portugal was already caressing his ticket for the World Cup.

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