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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Messi: "Nobody Asked Me To Play For Free At Barça"

Leo Messi, an interview in his own home, looks back to remember his departure from Barcelona and to show his feelings for the club in which he was formed. Here the episode that refers to Barça.

From Barcelona to Paris. From the Camp Nou to the Park of the Princes. What a change, right?

The truth is that if. It was a big change that, as I said at the time, I did not imagine. Luckily I am already settled, the children are already in school, we are more or less installed in the daily routine. We are happy.

Two months have passed since his departure from Barça. Have you got used to the idea?

Yes. To this day, when I watch the games, it generates things or makes me want ... or remember

or things from matches at the Camp Nou, with the people .... It is to relive a little of everything that was. Now, as I just said, I am calmer, more assimilated everything and, obviously, thinking about everything I have here and what is coming at the sports and family level. We are also enjoying this city, which is wonderful despite the weather. We were lucky to have a nice weather too, with the occasional rain and cold but we are very happy. The truth.

Laporta commented that he thought he would say about playing for free, would he have done it if he had been asked?

The truth is that, as I explained on my way out, I did everything possible to stay, never at any time was I asked to play for free. I was asked to cut my salary by fifty percent and I did it without any problem. We were in a position to help the club more. The desire and desire of me and my family was to stay in Barcelona. Nobody asked me to play for free but at the same time it seems to me that the words said by the president are out of place. They hurt me because I think he doesn't need to say that, it's like getting the ball off you and not assuming its consequences, or taking charge of things. This makes people think or generates a type of doubt that I think I do not deserve.

Will you return to Barcelona when your contract with PSG ends, in two seasons?

I don't know if when my contract with PSG ends. What is almost confirmed, and for sure, is that we are going to live in Barcelona again and that our life will be there. It's what my wife wants and what I want. I don't know if when my contract with Paris ends but we'll go back to Barcelona to live.

And what about Barça?

Yes. I always said that I would love to be able to help the club in what may be useful and can add and help the club to be well. I would love to be a technical secretary at some point. I don't know if it will be at Barcelona or not. Or if it will be otherwise. If there is a possibility, I would like to contribute again in what I can because it is the club that I love and I would love for it to continue to be good, to continue growing and to continue being one of the best in the world.

How do you see Barça at the moment? Do you think the Blaugrana team can win titles this season?

He has a great squad, he plays very well. I see them whenever I can. Important and very good guys appeared, such as Gavi. At the team level they are fine. With the return of Kun and Dembélé, if he returns well, they will be a great help for the team. He will always be there because he is one of the best in the world. He will always fight for the league and for the objectives, even if it may or may not happen later.

Do you have any relationship with any of your former colleagues?

Yes. I speak often with Kun Aguero, who was not a partner but is a great friend. With Busi, with Jordi Alba I also speak often.

Did you feel supported by them when you left? Did any of them disappoint you?

No, not disappointed, because I know them all by heart. Those who expected to tuck me in, did. It took them by surprise as it did me. They were by my side and supporting me at all times.

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