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Hamburger Beats Hurkacz And Meets Djokovic: Zverev After The Semi-Finals: "Maybe, Maybe It Will Be Like That Again"

Alexander Zverev is in the semifinals at the end of the season in Turin: After a two-set win against the Polish tournament debutant Hubert Hurkacz, Novak Djokovic is now waiting.

No vacation in the Maldives yet: Alexander Zverev leaves no doubts about his progress at the ATP Finals in Turin and reaches the semifinals. His opponent? Number one in the world. It will be a semi-final that will bring back emotional memories.

Memories of the title three years ago

At the moment of the semi-finals in the tennis season finale, Zverev immediately recalled his title coup three years ago. "Maybe, maybe it will be like that again," said the Olympic champion on the pitch just a few minutes after turning the match point to 6: 2, 6: 4 against the Polish Wimbledon semi-finalist Hubert Hurkacz. At that time he also lost the second group game against the Serbian top player Novak Djokovic - and then returned the favor with the success in the final against the Serbs, he said. This time this could be the case in the final against the Russian US Open champion Daniil Medvedev.

I know it won't be easy against number one in the world, but I'm looking forward to it

Before that, however, one of the most difficult tests in tennis awaits. Zverev first made the semi-final showdown in Turin on Thursday with the exception of Djokovic. With an initially relaxed and remarkably dominant appearance, the world number three won his group final - and extended his season by at least one game. "I know that it won't be easy against number one in the world, but I'm looking forward to it," said Zverev.

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Almost four months after his sensational success at the Summer Games in Japan, Zverev challenged Djokovic again on Saturday in a significant semi-final. Unlike at the Olympics, the Hamburg-based man was last unable to beat the 34-year-old Serb at the US Open in September.

Again this time the top favorite is about reaching a prestigious final. The ATP Finals, endowed with more than seven million US dollars in prize money, are among the most important tennis tournaments behind the Grand Slam tournaments.

"I'm of course very happy to be here in Turin for the first time in the semifinals. It's a great atmosphere," said Zverev. "I'm sure that the atmosphere will be more sparkling and even better on Saturday. It wasn't easy mentally today because I knew that I had to win to get to the semi-finals."

Zverev's second win in the third group game at the Turin premiere was enough to move into the top four in 2018 and 2019. It is difficult to predict whether he will be able to repeat a title coup. His statistics against Djokovic and the possible final opponent Medvedev speak against it: Against the Serbian 20-time Grand Slam winner, the North German only won three out of ten games. He lost to the Russian US Open winner for the fifth time in a row on Tuesday. Medvedev was the winner of the red group.

Perfect start with a double break

The pressure against Hurkacz was therefore there for Zverev in his group final. A defeat - and the number three in the world could have gone on vacation. However, the game wasn't really tough for a duel with Djokovic. The Polish ninth in the world rankings did not provide enough resistance and did not seem as physically lively as when he won the set against Medvedev.

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Zverev, on the other hand, exuded calm, got off to a perfect start - and had the right eye. With an initially well given blow, the German number one drew the video evidence and was right. The ball came up just off the sideline and the favorite was 1-0 ahead. After just ten minutes, the Hamburger led 4-0. Such a well-won set against a top ten player is also rare for the number three in the world.

In the second round, Zverev had to fight more in this duel between two strong servers. On the decisive break, Hurkacz helped with an unforced mistake.

Djokovic is the winner in the green preliminary round group ahead of schedule. In the semi-finals in Tokyo, Zverev lost the first set against Djokovic with 1: 6 and was also behind in the second, but then triumphed sensationally. The 18-time tournament winner fought in vain at the US Open.

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