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Kiko Martínez Made History In Sheffield!

The man from Elche beat the champion Kid Galahad with a brutal KO with the IBF World Featherweight Championship at stake. 'La Sensacion' equaled Castillejo as the only Spanish world champion in two different weights.

Kiko Martínez has just made history on Saturday night in Sheffield by defeating the champion Kid Galahad with a sensational KO at home and becoming, together with Javier Castillejo, the only Spaniard capable of reigning in two different weights.

It was a very complicated fight in the fiefdom of his rival, although 'La Sensation' had already obtained five of his belts fighting at home (three Europeans and two world championships, all of them at super bantamweight).

The one from Torellano had 42 wins (29 by KO), 10 losses and two void , while his rival had won 28 fights of his 29 fights (17 before the limit) with a single defeat suffered on June 15, 2019 in a spectacular unbeaten British duel against Josh Warrington.

This time the forecasts were fulfilled and the British imposed his law practically from the first ring of the bell in a combat with a reduced activity and in which he managed to place the best hands taking advantage of his changes of guard, one of his best virtues.

Kiko received a nice cold left hook in the first round, grabbed two straight forehands in the second and landed an all too easy left in the third as he tried to accelerate the pressure against a heavier and larger opponent.

However, the fight began to change in the fourth thanks to the pressure of the Spanish, who balanced the fourth and sentenced the fight in the final stretch of the fifth with a spectacular right hand that hit Galahad's bones on the canvas.

The place managed to go out to sixth place, but it did so in such poor condition that at the first attack from Elche he went to the ground for good. Congratulations to a boxing lover who deserves more than anyone such great success!

Kiko: "I want to be very close to Castillejo, who is the greatest"

Spanish boxing has experienced a Saturday that will go down in history for the spectacular victory by KO of Kiko Martínez in Sheffield against the champion Kid Galahad to proclaim himself the featherweight world champion of the IBF and that comes weeks after the triumph against Mikey García of a Sandor Martín who commented on the fight for DAZN.

In this way, the man from Elche equaled the mythical Javier Castillejo as the only boxer capable of proclaiming himself universal champion in two different weights after having done so three times in the past decade in the super bantamweight.

Considered one of the greatest Spanish boxers of all time (if not the best), the 'Lince de Parla' had donned the universal belts in the super welterweight and later in the middle.

Filled with joy and accompanied by his corner after leaving as always wearing the Elche CF shirt, Kiko Martínez appeared before the DAZN microphones after knocking Galahad down in the fifth round with a brutal right in the middle of the 'pear' that ended up giving him the victory by KO in the first seconds of the sixth after a new and definitive fall of the British.

"It will have been a surprise for everyone except me. I have worked as a monk for the last three years and I have taken care of myself 365 days a year. My wife has helped me a lot, to take care of my anxieties and not have problems", highlighted 'The Sensation'.

Kiko Martínez recalled that in his defeat to Gary Russell "he cut me off, but he didn't throw me away, but that day I was better than ever and today I was also very strong. I don't know if I'll be the greatest in the history of Spain, but I want to be very near Castillejo, which is the largest and is also my idol " .

With humility as great as his fists are, the new icon of Spanish boxing insisted that whatever he does "the greatest will always remain Castillejo . I will always be behind, because he marked a before and after for Spanish boxing".

Regarding his future plans, Kiko Martínez recalled that he has "a signed commitment" and that he will be waiting for what his team negotiates and that "they will choose my next event."

In this sense, the great former world champion Sergio 'Maravilla' Martínez is the one in charge of these issues and the Alicante native was very happy to have been able to have him on the corner yesterday. What a great team are Torellano and the 'most Spanish' Argentine in boxing!

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