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Mbappé's Confession About Real Madrid

The signing of Mbappé is the dream of most of Madrid fans, the Frenchman is one of those players who can mark a generation and his signing for Real Madrid would be fantastic news for his fans. Mbappé and Jesé agreed at PSG and the canary knows his former teammate well. Now, in an interview in Vamos, the white youth squad has revealed what Mbappé told him about playing for Real Madrid.

"Mbappé told me that he would play for Madrid"

Jesé assured that Mbappé told him that at some point he would play for Madrid: "Mbappé told me that he was going to play for Real Madrid one day. I didn't know if it was in a year, in two years, in three years." The canary affirms that he does not know how the negotiations are, although knowing how Florentino is, he does not rule out anything: "knowing Florentino, knowing everything he has talked to him about."

If the Las Palmas striker is clear about something, it is that Mbappé will keep his word : "He will end up playing here. I'm sure. I don't know if now or next season." Thus, Jesé joins the wave of illusion that the possible incorporation of Mbappé to Real Madrid has generated , something that his former team, PSG, will surely not like.

Jesé feels like a player again

Besides talking about Mbappé, Jesé has also talked about his situation in Las Palmas, where he has been able to relaunch his sports career: " I have felt like a footballer again . Surround myself with a team that I know so well, with the support of all the people who is involved in the club, both the president and my teammates, the coach, the workers."

Finally, he wanted to remember Pepe Mel, who has given him his confidence: "He has given me tremendous confidence and he is a coach who has great experience."

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