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MOTOGP || Remy Gardner, The Quiet Champion Who Almost Lost Everything

The Australian repeats his father's triumph and beats Spaniard Raúl Fernández by just four points in the Moto2 World Championship.

Australian Remy Gardner, born on February 24, 1998 in Sydney, is the quiet champion, a champion who always seeks the limit, although he was late to motorcycling, as his father, Wayne "Crocodile" Gardner, 500 world champion cc in 1987, he did not want neither he nor his little brother Luca to compete in motorcycle races, but Remy had racing in his genes and in the end these ended up emerging in a sporting career with many singularities before becoming Moto2 world champion.

Although he was born in Sydney, due to his father's profession he lived until the age of 4 between Monaco and Australia, although at the end of his father's sports career they decided to settle permanently near Sydney, in Manly, in a house facing the sea, in where both Remy and his brother Luca developed their skills with surfing, skateboarding or cycling, without motorcycles appearing in their lives until they moved to a farm outside of Sydney.

After much insistence, Remy got his father to allow him to compete in some Dirt Track races (dirt oval races), although with the commitment not to contest any motocross, a specialty that "Dad" Gardner considered very dangerous.


This is how Remy Gardner was 13 years old and managed to participate in his first speed race, somewhat late compared to other young talents who start to "hit the asphalt" with their motorcycles from the age of 5 or 6, but Remy did not give up on their efforts. and in the end he got the attention of Honda Australia, who together with his brother Luca invited him to compete in a race in Spain that did not have the ending that the young Remy expected, since he finished in the last positions, but he enjoyed that race so much that it was clear to him that he wanted to dedicate himself professionally to motorcycle racing.

At the age of fourteen, they decided to move to Spain so that Remy Gardner could start competing in the Mediterranean for Speed ​​and in the FIM CEV Repsol, before making the leap to the world championship.

In that season of 2014 he played three Moto3 races in the world championship and in 2015, his first full season and in 2016 he promoted to Moto2 , where in his sixth season he has managed to proclaim himself world champion after gaining experience in several teams until reaching the Aki Ajo's Red Bull KTM squad that has allowed him to achieve the world title and also climb in 2022 to the premier category of motorcycling, MotoGP, with the help of KTM and the Tech 3 team led by the French Hervé Poncharal.

Remy Gardner, despite living in Spain for many years, has the typical Australian personality and of the old pilots, surfer style, calm and easygoing, who likes not to make a drama of the inconveniences that may arise and that He tends to get along well with everyone, as well as being a great lover of animals and nature. It is not uncommon to see him arrive alone at the circuits with a rickety car, without standing out in the least and with the confidence in himself that would allow him to have a beer moments before going out on the track, something that he has obviously never done.


In 2018 Remy Gardner had a serious accident while practicing motocross, the specialty that his father never wanted him to practice, in which he broke both legs and for which the orthopedic surgeon told him that he should rest for three months, but only one month later he was running a Moto2 World Championship race, which ended up vomiting and dizzy, but in points.

Remy Gardner is a great fan of cars and in Sitges he has a warehouse where, in addition to preparing all his training equipment and motorcycles, he works on classic cars, in the style of the American television program "Gas Monkey" that is dedicated to the restoration of high performance vehicles.

In that sense, in 2017, he bought a Volvo Amazon from 69 that he completely restored, after manufacturing and designing all the parts with his 3D printer before manufacturing the final parts. The hours, while he is there, pass slowly, very slowly, many times without him being aware of it.

It is not his only hobby as Remy Gardner decisively faces any type of sports practice but always ends up taking it to the limit. Whether spearfishing at a depth of 30 meters, which he loves, not water skiing or nine, always looking for the impossible.

Among his hobbies he loves rock music, he plays the guitar very well and his perfect plan could well be a day of spearfishing, without a bottle, and then come home to barbecue with what he has caught.

He lives in Sitges, speaks Spanish perfectly and has a Catalan girlfriend, Claire Möller, who competes with horses in the show jumping mode.

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