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NBA | The Wasted Potential In The NBA Of Who Would Be Stars In Europe

The Hernangómez, Campazzo, Pangos or Deck have very limited roles while in the Euroleague they would be decisive ... and not for much less money.

The season already launched in the NBA is behaving cruelly with a handful of players who would have an important weight in the Euroleague and who in the United States are nothing short of inconsequential , condemned to the bottom of the rotation or directly anchored to the bench.

Willy Hernangómez averages 4.7 minutes in the three games he has played. Neither his summer job nor his good Games allow him to play for the Pelicans , the worst team in the NBA, with whom he signed for three years. His brother Juancho has spent 2.8 minutes on average in five games with the Celtics, where he arrived from Minnesota with a previous stop in Memphis. Santi Aldama and Usman Garuba are paying the normal rookie toll but, before leaving, the ex-Madridista was already decisive in Europe thanks to his defense. Playing his teams this morning, only the Grizzlies center jumped onto the track: five minutes into the Suns' beating.

A Kevin Pangos, the best point guard last season in the Euroleague, he half wanted competition, but signed by the Cavaliers for Ricky Rubio. He has played a total of 11 minutes in four games. This morning he scored his first basket. Gabriel Deck, differential forward at Real Madrid until his departure to the Thunder before last year's playoffs, has accumulated 21 minutes in four games. His averages, 2.3 points and 0.8 rebounds. But it is more than what his friend Luca Vildoza experienced. He didn't even play for the Knicks, which was cut shortly before he underwent surgery for a foot injury.

Before them his compatriot Facundo Campazzo left . A promising debut in Denver is followed by a troubling year. This morning he didn't even play the Hawks. Although Jamal Murray is still out, playing six fewer minutes per game (from 21.9 to 15.1), his points have dropped from 6.1 to 3.2 and assists from 3.6 to 1.6. He usually plays alongside another point guard and sometimes he doesn't even raise the ball anymore. He gives his usual defense, with his 1.78 meters he tries to scratch some attack rebound, offers released triples to his teammates, who this year are not fine, and sometimes he plays one. And that's it. There is no trace of the player who dominated Europe.

And the economic is not the main thing in some cases. Pangos earns $ 1.6 million . Some European team offered him more. Campazzo's salary is 3.2 million, not much more than what he earned in Madrid, and he had to face a clause of 6. He is in his last year of contract with the Nuggets and the whites kept his rights in Europe. Pay attention there. Deck is at 3.6 million . Willy will earn 2.3 this course. And Juancho's contract of 7.4 for next season is not guaranteed. His name will begin to link to the Madrid club sooner rather than later. It is not the case of the Celtics forward, but othersthey could be gaining higher or similar numbers in Europe with much more weight in their teams than they currently have.

The season is long, there may be coach changes, injuries and rotations that make things improve . It happened to Willy last season. For now, it is a little something to see how the potential of such extraordinary players is wasted in the NBA. The dream was to play there. Not just being.

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