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Next Fan Scandal In France: After Throwing A Bottle On Payet: Lyon Canceled Against Marseille

It was supposed to be a top game between Olympique Lyon and Olympique Marseille, but after less than five minutes an inglorious incident brought the game to an abrupt end.  

Less than five minutes were played, when the first corner kick of the game was the only and inglorious "highlight" of the game: Marseille's Dimitri Payet was fired with projectiles of all kinds by Lyon supporters while attempting to execute the standard.

Initially, referee Ruddy Buquet had played for time and patiently waited for the OL fan curve to calm down. 

Crisis meeting resolves restart

When the captain of Marseilles finally took action, however, a filled plastic bottle hit him in the head and stretched him to the ground. After minutes of treatment, both teams including the battered Payets left the field under the guidance of Buquet and retreated into the catacombs. As a result, a crisis was held with club officials, referees and representatives of the league association. 

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This first came to the decision to continue the game. However, when only the home team appeared on the pitch for a new warm-up program and Marseille stayed in the cabin wing, the game was finally officially canceled after an interruption of more than 90 minutes. The person responsible was identified and taken into custody during the interruption.

Repeated riots in France

Not the first incident of its kind in Ligue 1. There have been repeated unsightly scenes in the recent past in the blocks of the Grande Nation, for example  when RC Lens and Lille OSC clashed  or in St. Etienne. 

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The Marseilles fan scene is also repeatedly involved in such riots. Only a few days ago it was decided that Marseille could expect a ghost game after  repeated interruptions in the game at the home game against Paris St. Germain at the end of October due to throws at PSG players. 

Pay the goal again

For Payet himself it is not the first encounter of the unsightly kind: on the third match day of the current season he was repeatedly targeted with projectiles at the derby in Nice.

At that time he took this as an opportunity to bring a bottle thrown at him back to the stands - whereupon rioters from the Nice block stormed the square and caused a demolition. This was now also available in Lyon. 

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