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Qatar 2022 World Play-Offs Draw: When Will It Be And Which Teams Participate

UEFA still has three places reserved for teams that have not achieved direct qualification. The play-off will consist of six single-match semi-finals and three finals to be played at the end of next March.

The qualifying phase for the next World Cup in Qatar to be held at the end of 2022 is coming to an end. In Europe, the 55 teams that chose to qualify have been divided into a total of 10 groups, made up of between five and six teams. UEFA distributes 13 places, therefore, the accounts are simple: 10 for the first classified and another 3 that are awarded through the repechage.

A repechage that has changed its more common format in which, through round-trip qualifiers, the winner achieved the ticket for the international competition. For the Qatar World Cup, there are 12 repechage teams and the formula varies. The 12 combined are the 10 second classified in this qualifier and the two best qualified teams in the last edition of the UEFA Nations League. As the four teams that played in the last Final Four of the Nations League have already obtained their tickets directly to the next World Cup, those two places are for Austria and the Czech Republic,that by not having finished second in the European qualifier, they 'take advantage' of this possibility. Wales scored higher than the Austrians and Czechs in Group B of the Nations League, but finishing second in their World Cup qualifying group already gave them access to the play-offs.

Although two games are still being played, the three teams that achieve the classification will have to face each other with two different opponents. First, through six single-match semi-finals in which the local team will be the one that has achieved the highest score in the group stage of qualifying for the World Cup. The six winners will face each other in three life and death finals in which the prize is to be in Qatar.

When is the playoff draw held?

The draw to decide which will be the six semifinals of the play-off will take place next Friday, November 26 in Zurich.

Which teams are contesting the play-off?

In the absence of knowing the results of the last day, the teams that will play the repechage are: 

Group A: Portugal

Group B: Sweden

Group C: Italy or Switzerland

Group D: Finland or Ukraine

Group E: Wales

Group F: Scotland

Group G: Netherlands, Turkey or Norway

Group H: Russia

Group I: Poland

Group J: North Macedonia

Via UEFA Nations League: Austria and Czech Republic

When is the repechage played?

Six semifinals a single match of European play - offs will be played between 24 and 25 March, while three finals which will pass to the next Cup of the World will be played between 28 and 29 March, since 31 of the In the same month, the draw for the group stage of the next World Cup will be held.

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