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Qatar F1 GP 2021: Why Did Alonso Give Up His Position To Ocon?

On the last lap, Fernando returned Esteban to the position, as he had failed to overtake Gasly.

Alpine managed to put both cars back in the points zone, Esteban Ocon added 4 points by finishing eighth and Fernando Alonso got 2 points, finishing ninth. The Brazilian Grand Prix had ups and downs for the French team, yet they are still satisfied with the final result.

Laurent Rossi, the Alpine boss, commented that the important thing about the weekend was the points they scored, saying: "As a team, we can be proud after what Esteban and Fernando have shown."

Free 1 proposed that the French team could be in the fight, but in Classification that idea gradually faded , Ocon without entering Q3 and Alonso got the tenth place. However, in F1 Sprint the landscape changed. The '31' with soft tires climbed to ninth position and the '14' dropped to twelfth.

On Sunday, Alpine managed to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves and put both cars in the points zone. Esteban guided the team during the middle of the race, however, on lap 52, it was Fernando who took command until the last lap, in which the Frenchman went to eighth place and crossed the line before the Asturian.

Why did Alonso give up his position to Ocon?


The team is fifth in the Constructors' World Cup , with 112 points, the same as AlphaTauri has. So it was crucial for Alpine to get more points than Gasly and Tsunoda.

On lap 51, Pierre pitted and exited behind the Enstone drivers. As Alonso had a better rhythm, the team ordered them to change positions to keep the '10' behind.

"Today has been a great team effort. We try to maximize what we do as best we can, and we have reached the top from a tactical and performance point of view," explained Ocon.

On lap 61, Pierre managed to overtake the two Alpine and the Asturian could not overtake him again, so he continued with the 'gentlemen' agreement that the drivers have and returned the position to Esteban.

"When Gasly stopped for the second time, I gave the position to Fernando to see if we could hold him, but since we couldn't, he gave me back the square, " continued the Frenchman.

"It worked for a few laps, but not long enough, so Fernando gave me his position. Being eighth and ninth is six more points for the constructors' championship, and that 's a great result for the team, " he added.


To finish, the two-time champion agrees with Esteban's words, and expressed: "We wanted to stop Gasly, but we couldn't hold him. It's good to see the car in the points again and hold the fifth position in the World Championship with AlphaTauri."

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