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T20 World Cup First Semi-Final | The 3 Weakest Aspects Of New Zealand And England In The First Semi-Final

The first semi-final of the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup is to be played today. The semi-final is being played between England and New Zealand and they are both strong teams.

However, despite their experience and past victories, there are some weaknesses in both the teams which could be a problem for them in the semi-finals.

Opening without Jason Roe

England played their last group match in the Super 12 stage against South Africa. In this match, English opener Jason Roy was injured due to an injury on Monday and thus he will not be able to play the rest of the World Cup matches. He has been replaced by James Vance.

Although Roy has so far scored only one half-century in the tournament, he was definitely giving the team a good start, which would have eased the burden on other opener Jass Butler.

The unavailability of behavior will affect not only England's opening pair but also the team's plans.

Poor bowling in death overs

The defeat in the match against South Africa showed the error of England's bowling in the death overs or in the last overs. Chris Vokes and Mark Wood are experienced players but they could not stop the runs of the opposing team in the last overs and the South African batsmen beat the England bowlers well in the last 5 overs.

England had included Time Mills in the squad for the reason that they could stop the runs in the last overs but unfortunately he also got injured. The most important lesson for England in the defeat to South Africa was that they would have to stop the runs of the opposing team in the last overs.

Difficulties against spinners

England's batting line-up is very strong even in the absence of Jason Roy. The English batsmen are also playing the fast bowlers well but the situation against the spinners is a bit different and all the English batsmen except Jass Butler have been facing difficulties in front of the spin bowlers in this mega event till now.

Although England had restricted West Indies to 55 runs in the first match, England had to bear the loss of 4 wickets in pursuit of this target. Two of the four wickets went to young spinner Aqeel Hussain. In addition, in the match against South Africa, spinner Tabriz Shamsi had dismissed 2 England players. Similarly, Sri Lankan spinner Vinandu Hasaranga also bowled well against England and showed the way to the pavilion by giving only 21 runs in 4 overs.

New Zealand has an experienced spinner in the form of Ash Sodhi who could be a very important player for New Zealand in the semi-finals.

The inconsistency in the performance of the openers

It is safe to say that New Zealand's performance in the tournament has been better than their expectations. However, against a strong team like England, New Zealand cannot tolerate any kind of weakness.

The first problem for the Kiwis is their openers. Although both their openers Martin Guptill and Daryl Mitchell have been performing well, there is a lack of consistency. Martin Guptill did score 93 runs against Scotland but he could not score 30 runs in the other 4 matches. Darrell Mitchell scored 49 against India but then scored only 13, 19 and 17 against Scotland, Namibia and Afghanistan.

Therefore, in the first semi-final, the New Zealand team will have to focus on their opening.

Meet Adam

The unavailability of a fast bowler like Luke Ferguson due to injury will prove to be very costly for New Zealand. Ferguson's replacement includes Adam Milne, who lags far behind Ferguson in his skills.

After showing good performance against India, it took 5 fours in a row to meet in the match against Scotland. They get the ball fast but they are also the reason for the team to get runs and boundaries. They could also be a double-edged sword for New Zealand.

The 5th bowler can cause problems

Not only has the New Zealand team's combination deteriorated due to the injury of a key bowler, but they also need a 5th bowler. If you look at it from England's point of view, then England will target the same aspect of the opposing team.

Certainly the English batsmen will be ready to face New Zealand's Ash Sodhi, Trent Bolt and Tim Southee but the match against South Africa has shown that the English batting line can falter under pressure.

For this reason, the English players will target the weak links in New Zealand's bowling. Although James Nesham and Mitchell Sentner are good bowlers, their form is not very good at the moment and they can have good shorts on the ball.

England have a number of batsmen who can take advantage of New Zealand's 5th bowler.

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