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T20 World Cup | Why Didn't England Reach The Semi-Finals After Winning 4 Matches In A Row?

England defeated Sri Lanka by 26 runs in the Group 1 match of the Super 12 stage of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup to win the event for the fourth time in a row.

In the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup, 6 teams have been divided into 2 groups, while the teams in each group will play five matches and the top 2 teams will qualify for the semi-finals.

England are top of the points table after winning four consecutive matches in Group 1 of the Super 12 stage, but still have not reached the semi-finals.

The battle to reach the semi-finals in Group 1 continues and neither team has made it to the semi-finals yet.

England are first with 8 points after winning 4 matches in a row, South Africa and Australia are second and third with 4 points after winning 2 of 3 matches.


England will play their last match against South Africa on November 6.

If England wins this match, they will reach the semi-finals. However, in case of defeat, England may have to resort to net run rate to reach the semi-finals.


Australia have the remaining two matches to play against Bangladesh (November 4) and the West Indies (November 6).

If Australia wins both these matches, it will also have 8 points.

South Africa

In addition, South Africa has two remaining matches to play against Bangladesh (November 2) and England (November 6).

If South Africa also wins both the matches, it will also get 8 points.

If Australia and South Africa win their last 2 matches, the 3 teams in Group 1 (England, Australia and South Africa) will have 8, 8 points.

Two of these teams will reach the semi-finals on the basis of better net run rate.

Can Sri Lanka reach the semi-finals?

Sri Lanka has to play its last match against West Indies. Technically, Sri Lanka cannot be ruled out of the event.

Sri Lanka will now have to beat the West Indies by a huge margin to improve their run rate while also praying that South Africa and Australia will not get any more points so that the matter comes to the run rate and they reach the semi-finals. Let me reach which will be no less than a miracle.

It should be noted that the Super 12 stage of the seventh edition of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup is underway in the United Arab Emirates.

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