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The Five Possible Destinations Of Cristiano Ronaldo

From England they point to a possible exit of the Portuguese due to the bad situation of Manchester United. Cristiano would have already expressed his will to leave the 'Red devils' if they do not qualify for the next Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo's future at Manchester United begins to blur more and more. The current stoppage of national teams is serving to continue feeding a series of speculations that arrive from England about their possible departure at the end of the season, something that with each passing day begins to make more sense.

The situation of the team led by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is increasingly delicate. The Norwegian coach, who is in the spotlight, has not managed to transfer to the field the performance that was assumed by the squad with which he started the season. After falling off the leaders of the Premier League after having fallen at Old Trafford against Liverpool and Manchester City, and having to close the pass to the knockout stages of the Champions League, Cristiano's discontent has already transpired, and now, 'The Sun 'puts on the table five options that the Portuguese would be evaluating if he finally decides to change teams at the end of the season.

First option: The betrayal of signing for Manchester City

It was about to be done last summer, but in the end the past at United stopped the possible signing of Ronaldo by the team led by Pep Guardiola. Now that the Portuguese wants to continue aspiring to win the maximum possible titles, something that with his current team seems very difficult, City's option is back on the table. The frustrated signing of Harry Kane left Pep without the long-awaited '9' that would serve to try to solve the lack of goal that his team has shown this season, in which he has remained unmarked in six games. It remains to be seen if Ronaldo's ambition to continue increasing his record or loyalty weighs more which, for the moment, has been his only club on British soil.

Second option: The return of the prodigal son to Real Madrid

The partnership between Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo was a resounding success, in which all possible titles were achieved, including the four European Cups raised by the Portuguese. Cristiano's desire to earn more money and a worn-out relationship with Florentino Pérez catapulted his departure from the Bernabéu to Turin, but the truth is that his time at Juventus was a failure, or at least far from what was expected. Without Cristiano, the Italians won Serie A without disheveled and reached the final rounds in Europe. But with the Portuguese, the Italians have not passed the quarterfinalsand they have fallen against much inferior rivals in terms of squad such as Ajax, Olympique de Lyon and Porto and in the league, Inter broke a 9-year-old Juventine hegemony last season by lifting the title. Now Karim Benzema and Vinicius are the weapons of the white attack, but with 'CR7', the offensive battery would gain resources and allow the white team to fight again 'face to face' with the great European teams.

Third option: Along with Messi and Neymar in Paris?

The ambition of Nasser el-Khelaifi to equip its Paris Saint Germain with the best pieces of the picture football never has limits, and add Cristiano Ronaldo to that offensive gear, it sure would be pleased to the sheikh of the Parisian club. In addition, the arrival of the Portuguese would serve to fill a more than likely void that will generate the goodbye of Kylian Mbappé next summer.

In Paris, Ronaldo would once again be in a team clearly a candidate to win the Champions League and would also share a team with Neymar and a Leo Messi with whom he has always rivaled and with whom he should understand each other to achieve the collective objectives. A duo that seemed unimaginable to be able to put together, and why not, a possible reality for the next season.

Fourth option: Tour of Portugal, destination Sporting

United and Real Madrid elevated Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Portuguese's origins before his great leap to elite clubs was at Sporting Lisbon. The Portuguese team is having a good time and every year they compete for the league (they are the current champions) and in the Champions League they are a team that fights and stands up. In fact, this season they still have options to access the round of 16. With the arrival of Cristiano, the Portuguese would reinforce their favoritism to win the national titles, while in Europe, they would climb several steps that could lead to some unheard-of rounds for Sporting.

Option Five: America's Adventure

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