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The Funny New 'Look' Of Neymar That Sets Fire To The Networks

The Brazilian striker surprises again with his white dyed hair and Batman's bat. "You're flying" tell him his Instagram followers, including Falcao and Natalia Guitler.

Neymar has always accustomed his followers to makeovers. Especially with hairstyles, the Brazilian has tried all the different cuts and colors. Now the forward has managed to surprise, once again, his fans with his new 'look'. 'Ney' shared a snapshot on his Instagram profile that has caused a great impact among his 'followers'.

The PSG star has appeared in the 'canarinha' training with dyed white hair , and the logo of the popular comic character Batman in black has been marked on one of the sides . A symbol that brings with it the act of flying, and some followers of Neymar such as the indoor soccer genius Falcao or the 'freestyler' Natalia Guitler have replicated the image with phrases such as "You are flying" or "you fly in the field".

This is the image that Neymar has posted on Twitter:

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