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The Ranking Of Coaches Who Received The Best Settlements

Antonio Conte received the best compensation, but nobody has received more in total than José Mourinho. Fabio Capello is the only coach fired by a federation (the Russian one) that appears within the 'top 10'.

The British newspaper 'The Sun' has drawn up a ranking of the coaches who were fired from their teams and received the best compensation for breaking the contractual bond that united them. 

Italian Antonio Conte leads the table with a £ 26.2 million settlement from Chelsea when in 2018, after falling out of the Champions League positions in his second season at Stamford Bridge, the club decided to dispense with his services.

But if we take into account the total amounts, Jose Mourinho is the 'king' of compensation with 37.6 million euros of pounds received from Manchester United (19.6) in 2018 and Chelsea (18) in 2007. The rest of the 'Top 10' are completed by Laurent Blanc, Nuno, Scolari, Capello, Pochettino, Villas-Boas and Di Matteo.


1. Antonio Conte (Chelsea, 2018) 26.2 million pounds

2. Jose Mourinho (Manchester United, 2018) 19.6 million pounds

3. Jose Mourinho (Chelsea, 2007) 18 million pounds

4. Laurent Blanc (PSG, 2016) £ 17 million

5. Nuno Espirito Santo (Tottenham, 2021) 14 million pounds

6. Luis Felipe Scolari (Chelsea, 2009) 13.6 million pounds

7. Fabio Capello (Russia, 2015) 13.4 million pounds

8. Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham, 2019) 12.5 million pounds

9. Andre Villas-Boas (Chelsea, 2012) £ 12 million

10. Roberto Di Matteo (Chelsea, 2012) 10.7 million pounds

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