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AUSTRALIAN OPEN: "I'M Sure Nadal Will Play The Australian Open"

Craig Tiley, director of the first 'big' of the year, was convinced of the presence of Spanish: "If you test positive and want to be in Melbourne, now is the time"

The executive director of Tennis Australia and director of the Australian Open, Craig Tiley, was convinced that the Spanish Rafael Nadal will play the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the season, despite the fact that he is currently infected with Covid-19.

"I am sure that Nadal will play in the Australian Open. The players who test positive will be isolated for a while at home, but they can lead a normal life as soon as they test negative," Tiley told local media. who now suffer from the coronavirus are in time to play the tournament in Melbourne.

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"If you test positive and want to play the Australian Open, now is the time. A little later you would have problems to participate in the tournament. It would be very doubtful," insisted the head of Australian tennis.

The director of the Australian Open stressed the difficulty of launching this edition of the tournament that will be played the second week of January in relation to other seasons.

"It is true that in 2021 it was difficult, but a little easier than this year. There are many conditions and you do not know how all that can affect the tournament and especially the people. For example, if the players and their team share a room with someone and that person tests positive, everyone in that room will have to isolate themselves for seven days, "he warned.


Craig Tiley believes that players should be smart: "The advice I give to players is simple: get your own room. In 2021, we decided to protect all players who came from virus-ravaged environments. In 2022, the The objective is totally different, it is to protect all the players and fans who do not have the omicron variant or another variant different from the virus. We hope the tournament goes well and we can witness a good level of tennis."

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The Australian Open is the first major tournament of the course. It will also be the first in which vaccination is mandatory for players, spectators and tournament staff.

In addition, the Australian Open has created a medical committee that will exempt certain unvaccinated people and who can present their cases to the committee that will then decide whether or not to allow that individual to enter Melbourne Park, the venue for the tournament during the second half of January. 

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