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Dakar 2022: The Key Stages Of The Dakar 2022

Of the 12 stages that make up the tour of Saudi Arabia, there are 5 that will make a difference. The key stages will serve to determine the possible winners of the Dakar 2022.

The Dakar 2022 presents a 70% new route that will force both the most veteran pilots and the 'rookies' to face new challenges every day that will stand out for the technical difficulties, the sand and the dunes.

In this edition, there will be key stages already in the first days that will be able to determine the favorites to win the most extreme rally. Of the 12 complex stages that make up the tour of Saudi Arabia, these will be the most decisive:

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Stage 2 : The first dunes of the rally will appear and will be decisive in setting the tone for the Dakar. The 339 km that go from Ha'il to Al Artawiyah will be a screening of the candidates for the first positions, although the pilots will not be able to risk too much because they find themselves with the first marathon only to start the Dakar and they will not have assistance . If they have a problem with the vehicles, it will be the drivers themselves who will have to help each other at the end of the stage.

Stage 4 : Before reaching the capital of Riyadh, the drivers will face the longest special of the rally consisting of 465 km . This stage will be a litmus test of the first week: in the first part they will cross about 200 km of fast tracks and then enter an area of ​​dunes and finish the stage in a more stony area.

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Stage 5 : In this case, the tour of Riyadh will suppose a complete change of tone compared to the previous stages . For motorcycle riders it will be especially difficult as they will have to test the resistance of their arms in a first part made up of stones and dirt. At the end of the stage, very considerable time differences will be marked, it will be key that the drivers conserve energy to face 80 km of dunes.

Stage 8 : The route that goes from Al Dawadimi to Wadi Ad Dawasir is presented as 'endless' , the great difficulty of this test will leave many pilots behind who could finish the stage late at night. The first 200km will be of sand and dunes until reaching a change of landscape at the end of the day that many riders could reach in the afternoon or even at night.

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Stage 11: The penultimate stage of the Dakar through the Bisha loop could change everything . From the organization they assure that until the pilots go through this technical challenge nothing will be decided and the podium could change radically. This loop proposes that vehicles dive into dunes of all possible heights and shapes to ensure an epic finish to Dakar 2022.

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