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The Despair Of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese did not have a great performance against Newcastle. United did not go beyond the draw (1-1) and remains out of European positions.

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo did not have his best game in the 1-1 draw against Newcastle. After three consecutive victories, the Red Devils showed their worst version and only Cavani came to the rescue with a goal in the second half.

The Portuguese, who barely participated in the team's game during the clash, was apathetic and his fuss was a constant. With the entry of the Uruguayan attacker, he delayed his position to have more impact, but his despair and frustration did the rest.

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The former Real Madrid player is one of the offensive pillars of the British team: he has 13 goals and two assists in all competitions in the 2021/22 season . At the age of 36, the Portuguese is facing what may be his last major sporting project in continental football.

United, far from the goal

The Red Devils did not have a great performance away from Newcastle and close the first round far from their objectives: they remain out of the European positions and the Premier League title begins to be a utopia.

The team led by Ralf Rangnick has improved markedly after the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but thehurracasThey were a very solid block and short-circuited United's game, which puts an end to their winning streak.

Cavani and De Gea save an absurdity from United

If anyone at Old Trafford could contemplate an Edinson Cavani outing this winter market, the Newcastle game would have taken the idea out of their minds. The Uruguayan saved Manchester United from a horrible game against the 'magpies'. Cavani came into the break, with the Red Devils trailing on the scoreboard, looking for three chances and scoring a goal. Even so, it was not enough for them, and De Gea had to appear to avoid a greater catastrophe.

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A Ralf Rangnick has much work to do. The dizzying football and the suffocating pressure that the German coach wants to impose ended in an absurdity in Newcastle, especially in the first half. It did not help that Saint-Maximin hit them at the first change, after Varane's mistake. The French winger wiggled through United's rear until half-falling, a thread from De Gea's squad.

United did not link anything and suffered on defense. Maguire showed his seams again, and neither Fred nor McTominay managed to stop the cons of Saint-Maximin and Joelinton. So much was the blocking that Rangnick took action at halftime, knocking out Sancho and Cavani.

They both improved United at the restart. Sancho generated the center of Cavani's first warning. Along the way, De Gea pulled out a great hand at Saint-Maximin, a local error that Cavani eventually punished. The Uruguayan hunted another center to the area to finish off the ball to the back of the net. Pure instinct to the Uruguayan, far superior to a missing Cristiano Ronaldo in Newcastle.

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The draw calmed United at times, but fueled Newcastle's desire for revenge in the final stretch. With Rangnick's men completely split on the field, the 'magpies' had the victory in their boots, but the clubs and De Gea took it away.

First Murphy fired at the base of the post, and then Almirón found himself with a prodigious hand from the Spanish goalkeeper little by the end to leave the tie on the scoreboard, a point that nobody knows well, but that probably does justice for all.

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