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The World Of Cricket In 2021

It would not be wrong to say that the game of 2021 cricket dominated the Corona epidemic. This year we saw some interesting matches in the world of cricket, many records were made and broken but cricket like every year this year also kept the whole nation captivated. 

Many players have crossed new milestones and many have been spotted. However, in the end, the only thing left to test is the statistics to test the teams and players.

Therefore, at the end of the year, through this article, the overall performance of the teams and players in 2021 in terms of numbers is being presented.

Aggregate competitions played at international level

A total of 42 international Test matches were played this year, with all but 12 of Ireland's full members participating. If we talk about ODIs, in 2021, 20 teams played 74 ODIs. However, T20 cricket was attended by a large number of ICC full members and associate members, this year a total of 71 countries played 331 T20 matches!

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The most Test-playing nation this year was England, which played 14 matches, while Ireland played the most ODIs, numbering 17. In T20 cricket, Pakistan has always been ahead of other countries. It has been the country that has played the most T20 matches and this year too it has played more matches than any other 70 countries with 29 matches.

The following is the record of the countries participating in all three formats of cricket during the year 2021:

Test cricket

Team records

This year England has 14, India 13, West Indies 10, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 9.9, Bangladesh 7, New Zealand 6, South Africa and Zimbabwe 5, 5, Australia 4 and Afghanistan 2. Play test However, in terms of success, Pakistan and India were at the forefront.

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Although the two have been traditional rivals, they have not been able to play against each other due to the current political turmoil. Both of them have won 7, 7 victories by playing against different countries this year which was more than all the other teams. However, in terms of success rate, Pakistan was ahead of India.

New Zealand set a record for the largest total in Test cricket this year. In January, the Kiwis declared their innings at 659 for 6 against Pakistan in Christchurch, while Sri Lanka lost 8 wickets for 648 runs against Bangladesh at Pallekele in April. Pakistan's highest Test score was 510 (declared) at a loss of 8 which it made in Harare against Zimbabwe in May.

While New Zealand set a record for the highest score in 2021, it also holds the record for the lowest score. Playing against India in Mumbai, the entire New Zealand team was bowled out for just 62 runs. Apart from this, only India scored less than 100 runs in Test cricket this year. The Indian team had scored only 78 runs against England at Leeds in August. If we talk about Pakistan, the lowest score of the national team in an innings was 186 which was added against New Zealand in Christchurch in January.

In 2021, the teams in Test cricket won 7 innings. Pakistan topped the list three times while England, New Zealand, South Africa and India won by one innings each. New Zealand won by the largest margin, in January when the Kiwis beat Pakistan by an innings and 176 runs in Christchurch, while their biggest win came in April against Zimbabwe by an innings and 147 runs. Gained by runs.

Individual records

The individual record for most runs scored in 2021 is held by England batsman and captain Jorot. He played 14 Tests and scored 1630 runs. Abid Ali scored the most runs for Pakistan. He scored 695 runs in 9 Test matches. Remember that Abid Ali is the 5th highest run scorer in 2021.

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A total of 57 individual centuries were scored this year, including seven made by Pakistan. The record for most centuries was set by Joe Root of England. He scored 6 centuries while Fawad Alam scored the most individual centuries for Pakistan which is 3. He is the third highest scorer of the year.

Sri Lanka's Dimuth Karuna Ratnayake scored the highest individual score in 2021 by scoring 244 runs. He set the record in April against Bangladesh in Pali. The highest score by Pakistan was scored by Abid Ali in an unbeaten 215 against Zimbabwe at Harare in May. Remember that this was the 5th highest score this year.

Joe Root, who scored the most centuries in 2021, also has the distinction of playing the most innings of 50 or more runs. He played 9 such innings while Pakistan's Fawad Alam played 50 or more innings 5 ​​times. India's most aggressive batsman Rashabh Pant hit sixes. He hit 15 sixes in 11 Test matches. Noman Ali hit the most sixes for Pakistan. He hit 7 sixes in 7 Tests and finished 5th in the rankings.

This year, India's off-spinner Ravi Chandran Eshwan took the most wickets with 52 wickets. He set the record by playing 8 Tests. He is the only bowler to score a half-century of wickets this year, while Pakistan's second and third highest wicket-takers are Shaheen Shah Afridi (47 in 9 Tests) and Hassan Ali (41 in 8 matches). 

The best bowling performance in an innings was by New Zealand left-arm spinner Ijaz Patel who took all 10 wickets of the innings for 119 runs while playing against India in Mumbai in December. He is only the third bowler in the world and the first New Zealand bowler to do this extraordinary feat in the history of Test cricket. He was preceded in death by England off-spinner Jim Laker in Manchester against Australia in July 1956, and by Indian league spinner Anil Kumble in February 1999 against Pakistan in Delhi.

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Off-spinner Sajid Khan bowled Pakistan's best in the Test innings. He took 8 wickets for just 42 runs against Bangladesh in Dhaka in December. This was the best individual performance in bowling after Ejaz Patel in 2021.

Ijaz Patel is also ahead in the impressive statistics of bowling in Tests. He took 14 wickets for 225 runs in the Test against India. The second highest wicket-taker in Tests is Pakistan's Sajid Khan. He took 12 wickets for 128 runs in Dhaka against Bangladesh in December.

There are only two bowlers in Test cricket this year who have taken 5 or more wickets at most. India's Akshar Patel (5) and Pakistan's Hassan Ali (5) played 5 matches and took 5, 5 or more wickets while 10 bowlers took 10 or more wickets in the match. They include three bowlers from Pakistan and three from Sri Lanka, two from New Zealand and one each from India and Afghanistan.

The highest wicket-taker behind the wickets is England's Jose Butler, who has taken 40 wickets in eight Tests, including 39 catches and one stumping. For Pakistan, Mohammad Rizwan made 27 catches (26 catches and one stumping) in 9 Test matches and finished fourth in the annual rankings. The most caught catcher is Joe Root who took 18 catches in 14 matches while Pakistan's Imran Butt was second with 16 catches in 6 Tests.

The highest number of Test matches played by Joe Root this year is 14 while Abid Ali from Pakistan came sixth after playing 9 Tests. Root led England in all 14 of his matches and became the most capped Test player as captain, while Babar Azam captained Pakistan in eight Tests and finished third.

ODI cricket

Team records

During 2021, 20 nations played a total of 74 ODIs. The most played country was Ireland which played 17 ODIs. Elsewhere, Sri Lanka played 15 matches, Bangladesh 12, South Africa 10, Oman 10, England, USA and West Indies 9, 9 and Papua New Guinea 8 matches. India, Nepal, Netherlands, Scotland, Zimbabwe and Pakistan played 6, 6 ODIs. Australia, New Zealand, and Afghanistan played 3, 3, and Namibia and UAE played 2, 2. However, the highest number of victories was achieved by Bangladesh which is 8.

South Africa holds the record for the 2 largest combinations in 2021. South Africa scored 346 for 4 in 50 overs against Ireland in Dublin on 16 July and 341 for 50 in 50 overs after losing 6 wickets against Pakistan in Johannesburg on 4 April. This year, Pakistan's highest score in 50 overs was 331 for 9, which was made on July 13 against England in Birmingham. Remember this is the sixth highest score of the year.

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Papua New Guinea had the lowest total in ODIs. The team was bowled out for 82 in 19.1 overs against Nepal in the UAE on September 10. It was the only team to score less than 100 runs in ODIs this year.

In 2021, Pakistan's lowest score was 141 against England which was added on 8th July in Cardiff. It was the 13th lowest score of the year.

The winner by the largest margin of runs this year was New Zealand, who beat Bangladesh by 164 runs in Wellington on March 26. The biggest victory by a margin of wickets was England's 9-wicket victory over Pakistan in Cardiff on 8 July.

The lowest-scoring country to win is the Netherlands, who beat Ireland by just one run on June 2 at Al-Rusht, while Nepal won by the lowest-margin margin when they finished at the Emirates. They beat Papua New Guinea by just 2 wickets. Pakistan also won by the lowest (3) wickets in the match played against South Africa on April 2 in Centurion.

Individual records

This year, Irish batsman Paul Sterling is leading with 705 runs in 14 matches. Babar Azam scored the most runs for Pakistan. He scored 405 runs in 6 matches which was the 7th highest individual total of the year. The biggest innings of this year was played by Fakhruzzaman of Pakistan. He scored 193 off 155 balls against South Africa in Johannesburg on April 4.

The number of individual centuries made during 2021 was 34. Sterling tops the list with 3 centuries. Pakistan's Babar Azam and Fakhr Zaman scored 2, 2 centuries. The batsmen who scored the most half-centuries were Tamim Iqbal of Bangladesh and Sterling of Ireland. Both scored 5, 5 half centuries while Babar and Imamul Haq scored 3, 3 half centuries for Pakistan. The highest sixing batsman of the year was JS Malhotra of USA who hit 21 sixes in 6 matches while Fakhr Zaman from Pakistan hit 13 sixes in 6 matches.

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The highest wicket-taker in 2021 was Sri Lanka's PVD Chamira, who took 20 wickets in 14 matches. For Pakistan, Haris Rauf took 13 wickets in 14 matches. The best bowler in ODI cricket this year was Sandeep Lami Chhane of Nepal, who took 6 wickets for just 11 runs against Alappuz on September 10 against Papua New Guinea.

He is the only bowler to take 6 wickets in ODIs this year. Hassan Ali took 5 wickets for 51 runs for Pakistan. He performed this feat against England on 10 July at Lord's. This year, a total of 13 bowlers have taken 4 or more wickets 2, 2 times in ODIs. They also include three Bangladeshi bowlers Nasum Ahmed, Mustafizur Rehman and Shakib Al Hasan. This year, there were 17 bowlers who took 5 wickets in an innings, including Hassan Ali of Pakistan, while 2 bowlers from England, Ireland and Namibia did the same.

Ireland's Lorken Tucker proved to be the best wicket-keeper of the year. He made 17 catches in 14 ODIs while Muhammad Rizwan made 5 catches in 6 matches for Pakistan. The fielder who caught the most was Khushal Bhartal of Nepal. He caught 9 catches in 6 matches.

The number of players playing the most matches this year was 7. All of them participated in 14 matches. They include 5 Irish, 2 Sri Lankan players. Ireland's Andrew Bilburney has captained the team in most matches. He led his country in 14 ODIs. From Pakistan, Babar Azam captained the national team in 6 matches.

T20 International Cricket

During 2021, the highest activity in the world of cricket was seen in its shortest format ie T20 cricket. A total of 331 T20 matches were played this year in which 71 teams participated. Pakistan played the most number of matches with 29. In other countries, Bangladesh played 27 matches, New Zealand 23 and Australia 22 matches.

Team records

The highest scoring team in 2021 was Canada, who lost just one wicket in the allotted 20 overs at the College ground against Panama on November 14 and scored 245 runs. Tanzania finished second with 242 for 6 against Mozambique on November 14. Pakistan's highest score was 232 for 6 against England on 16 July in Nottingham. This was the 8th highest score of the year.

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The lowest score in any innings came on October 19 at Kagali when Lesotho's entire team was bowled out for just 26 in 12.4 overs against Uganda. Canada won by the largest margin when they beat Panama by 208 runs on November 14 in college.

Individual records

The highest run scorer this year was Muhammad Rizwan of Pakistan who scored 326 runs in 29 matches. He is the only batsman in the world to cross the 1,000-run milestone in 2021. The second-ranked players in this regard are also from the national team, yes Babar Azam. He scored 939 runs in 29 matches and could not reach the milestone of 1000 runs by just 61 runs.

The highest individual score in T20 cricket was scored by the Dutch MPO Dowd against Malaysia on 13 April in Kartipur, scoring an unbeaten 133 runs. The second highest score was 122 by Pakistan's Babar Azam against South Africa on April 14 at Centurion.

This year, 16 individual centuries were scored in T20 cricket. 2 and 2 centuries were scored by Pakistan and England while one century was scored by 12 other countries. The player who scored the most half-centuries, ie 50 or more runs, was Muhammad Rizwan of Pakistan, who did it 13 times in 29 matches. In second place was Babar Azam of Pakistan who performed this feat 10 times.

Muhammad Rizwan of Pakistan was the player who hit the most sixes during the year. He hit 42 sixes while New Zealand's Martin Guptill was second with 41 sixes in 18 matches. The record for most sixes in a T20 match was jointly set by two players. England's Liam Livingston hit nine sixes against Pakistan in Nottingham on July 16, while West Indies' Avon Lewis hit the same number of sixes against Australia in Grass Island on the same day. Muhammad Rizwan was third from Pakistan. He hit seven sixes against South Africa in Lahore on February 11.

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The two bowlers who have taken the most wickets in 2021 are: Hasaranga de Silva of Sri Lanka and Tabriz Shamsi of South Africa. Both took 36, 36 wickets. The former set the record in 20 matches and the latter in 22 matches. For Pakistan, Hassan Ali took 18 wickets and Haris Rauf took 25 wickets in 23 matches and both remained at 7th position.

Nigeria's Peter Aho showed the best bowling performance in the innings when he managed to take 6 wickets for just 5 runs against Sierra Leone in Lagos on 24 October, while Uganda's Dinesh Nkrani was in Lesogo on 19 October. Take 6 wickets for only 7 runs against. The feat of taking 4 or more wickets was done by 13 different bowlers twice. They include 3 bowlers from Bangladesh.

The wicket-keeper from behind the wickets was Irfan Karim of Kenya. He took 23 wickets in 13 matches, including 15 catches and 8 stumpings. Muhammad Rizwan of Pakistan came in second with 22 wickets in 29 matches including 20 catches and 2 stumpings.

Pakistan's Babar Azam was the highest catcher. He caught 17 catches in 29 matches, with Namibia's Gerhard Erasmus catching the most. It should also be mentioned here that he had caught 4 catches in the match against UAE on October 5 in Dubai. The record for Pakistan was set by Shaheen Shah Afridi, who took three catches against England in Nottingham on July 16.

Babar Azam and Rizwan from Pakistan played the most T20 Internationals during the year. Both played 29, 29 matches while Babar led Pakistan in all these matches and set a record of captaining the most matches during 2021.

This was an overview of the overall and individual performance of teams and players in all three formats of cricket in the 2021 calendar year.

It is expected that cricket activities will increase further next year and national players will win our hearts with their achievements.

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