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ATP Official Statement On The 'Djokovic Case'

The association of tennis players defends the number 1 in the world and ensures that events have been "harmful" for Novak. Despite everything, the ATP recommends that all tennis players be vaccinated.

The ATP has ruled on the ' Djokovic case' through a statement. The Association of Tennis Professionals has defended the Serbian, but also makes it clear that all tennis players should be vaccinated for the health of all.

Furthermore, it "fully respects the sacrifices that the people of Australia have made since the start of COVID-19 and the strict immigration policies that have been put in place. 

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However, complications in recent days related to the entry of players into Australia have highlighted the need for clearer understanding, communication and application of the rules, "he says.

The statement continues to defend the tennis player. When traveling to Melbourne, it is clear that Novak Djokovic believed that he had been granted a medical exemption necessary to comply with the entry rules.

The series of events leading up to Monday's court hearing have been damaging on all fronts, including for the welfare of Novak and his preparation for the Open Australia requests for exemption health of the players are independent of ATP,  however, we have been in constant contact with Tennis Australia to seek clarity in this process. 

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We are pleased with the result of Monday's hearing  and we look forward to some exciting tennis weeks ahead.

In the last paragraph he emphasizes that all tennis players would have to be vaccinated in order to travel and participate in tournaments normally.

"The vaccine is essential for our sport to navigate the pandemic. This is based on scientific evidence supporting the health benefits it provides and to comply with global travel regulations, which we anticipate will tighten over time.

We are encouraged that 97 percent of the top 100 players are vaccinated before this year's Australian Open."

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