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Australian Open: Tennis Star Djokovic Released

Tennis star Djokovic wins court battle against Australian government. Novak Djokovic has had success with his objection to the denied entry to Australia. It has not yet been determined whether he will actually be allowed to take part in the Australian Open.

Serbian tennis star Novak wins court battle against Australian government The court immediately ordered Djokovic's release. According to media reports, world number one Djokovic was in immigration custody after his visa was revoked.

During the hearing of the case, the judge of the Federal Circle Court rejected the order of cancellation of visa and ordered to release him.

Following this decision, Djokovic is now able to defend his title at the Australian Open while still in Australia. Immigration officials also revoked the visa of the 34-year-old tennis star, who refused to enter Australia without being vaccinated.

Novak Djokovic: Final before the start

Novak Djokovic's appeal against his denied entry to Australia has been granted. That was decided by a court in Melbourne on Monday. What consequences this has for the defending champion's participation in the Australian Open, which starts in a week, was initially unclear.

The government had already announced before the negotiation that it would consider further steps to continue denying Djokovic the visa if the entry refusal was lifted. This was confirmed by the government attorney Christopher Tran at the end of the trial.

Djokovic achieved a first important victory in the Commonwealth Law Courts Building in Melbourne. The next few days will show whether he can really defend his title at the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. 

Novak Djokovic Possible Deportation

First of all, Djokovic is allowed to leave the deportation hotel in which he had been for the past few days and gets his personal belongings and papers back, as ordered by judge Anthony Kelly.

"What more could this man have done?"

Kelly had said in the first part of the hearing on Monday, in which Djokovic's lawyers presented their views, that he considered the behavior of the authorities to be disproportionate. "What more could this man have done?" Kelly had said.

The Djokovic case has been causing a stir far beyond the tennis scene for days. The 34-year-old was refused entry at Melbourne Airport on Wednesday evening (local time). From the point of view of the authorities, he was unable to present the necessary documents for a medical exemption to be allowed to enter the country without a corona vaccination.

Contracted Covid-19 In December

Djokovic was taken to a hotel for people obliged to leave the country. The Serb had appealed against the decision. According to court documents, Djokovic's side said that he received a waiver on December 30th from the medical director of the Australian Tennis Federation.

A positive corona test from December 2021 should help him participate in the Australian Open. The court documents indicate that Djokovic is said to have tested positive for the corona virus for the second time on December 16, 2021.

However, there were a number of inconsistencies. For the first time, the exceptional player tested positive for the corona virus during his heavily criticized Adria Tour in June 2020.

Even before the trouble about entering Australia, his vaccination status had been a topic of discussion for months. The tennis professional had made it a secret and called the status a private matter, but this has now been clarified. 

A Big Point

According to the court documents, when questioned by an Australian Border Guard officer, Djokovic stated that he was "not vaccinated against COVID-19".

The Australian Open will be held from January 17th to 30th. Djokovic has won the tournament nine times - more often than anyone else.

He is aiming for his 21st Grand Slam title. This would leave him behind his rivals Rafael Nadal from Spain and Roger Federer from Switzerland and become the sole Grand Slam record tournament winner.

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