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DAKAR 2022: FIA 'Forgives' Al-Attiyah, Carlos Sainz Makes Dakar History & Classifications Of The Dakar 2022

The Qatari could be disqualified due to an oversight of its mechanics by not connecting the system that records engine data. The penalty is a reprimand and a fine of 5,000 euros, with the threat of exclusion from the race if the incident is repeated.

Dakar leader Nasser Al Attiyah has been spared a penalty that could have meant exclusion from the race. The Qatari did the entire second stage without a mandatory system that records engine data and is connected to the car's power supply, in this case his Toyota Hilux.

According to the regulations, not wearing this system implies disqualification, although this time the FIA ​​has turned a 'blind eye' to the favorite of the car category.

In this way, the penalty has been a fine of 5,000 euros and a reprimand, with the threat that if the incident is repeated they will leave him out of the race. The Toyota Gazoo Racing team's explanation to the FIA ​​stewards is that "it was simply a mistake by the mechanics, who switched off the system every night for safety reasons and forgot to switch it on at the start of the second stage." 

"We Are Not All Idiots"

All Dakar cars are equipped with this register, which measures data such as revolutions per minute, temperatures and pressures to control compliance with the rules established in its category. This rule is specified in Article 13.1.2 of the FIA ​​Sporting Regulations and it is mandatory to always have it activated.

Carlos Sainz wins the third stage and makes Dakar history

Carlos Sainz will most likely not be able to win this Dakar. The more than two hours that he lost due to the chaos in the navigation of the first day of the race weigh down his options to victory. Thus the things, the Madrilenian warned yesterday that he had left "to have fun what I can in the stages". 

And it has fulfilled its mission this Tuesday, setting an authentic display in the 255 timed kilometers of the third stage, achieving a great victory that is also the first for the innovative Audi RS e-tron powered by electric power.

Sainz, who started third after the previous day's dominators , Sébastien Loeb (BRX) and leader Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota ), seized his opportunity and took a hard-working win. He crossed the finish line 38 "ahead of South African Henk Lategan , who had dominated much of the stage, and 1'41" behind his teammate Stéphane Peterhansel, also ruled out of the fight for final victory in this Dakar, after suffer a breakdown at the first change and accumulate a penalty of more than 26 hours. Today's is Sainz's 40th win, two behind Al-Attiyah's personal best and three more than Peterhansel in the duel between the three kings of the Dakar.

In fourth place came another rider who continues to grow stronger as the Dakar progresses, Nani Roma , double Dakar champion in motorcycles and cars. The Catalan, who entered 2 minutes behind Sainz , maintains his fifth place overall, although with a disadvantage of more than one hour also due to navigation problems in the first stage.

Dakar 2022: The Key Stages Of The Dakar 2022

To win a Dakar you have to be fast and have luck, and Al-Attiyah is used for the latter. First, he got rid of a disqualification for competing on Monday without connecting the black box that measures different parameters of the vehicle. The FIA, treating it as a human error, has penalized him with a 5,000 euro fine and a notice of disqualification for the Qatari if it is repeated. And already in the race, the Toyota has had his worst day so far in Dakar, opening the track during most of the special and finishing 5'10 "behind Sainz . But his main rival in the general classification and winner on Monday, Sébastien Loeb has given up 33 minutes after suffering two punctures and breaking the longitudinal transmission of his Hunter and is now 37 behind Al-Attiyah overall.


1.  Carlos Sainz / Lucas Cruz  (Audi) 2h 26:51

2. Henk Lategan / Brett Cummings (Toyota) at 38 "

3. Stephane Peterhansel / Edouard Boulanger (Audi) at 1:41

4. N ani Roma / Álex Haro (BRX) at 2:41

5. Mattias Ekström / Emil Bergkvist (Audi) at 2:59

8. Nasser Al-Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (Toyota) at 5:10

9. Lucio Álvarez / Armand Monleón  (Toyota) at 6:23

10. Orly Terranova / Dani Oliveras (BRX) at 8:11

12. Sebastien Loeb / Fabian Lurquin (BRX) at 33:34


1. Nasser Al-Attiyah / Mathieu Baumel (Toyota) 9:31:22

2. Sebastien Loeb / Fabian Lurquin (BRX) at 37:40

4. Giniel De Villiers / Dennis Murphy (Toyota) at 45:22

4. Yazeed Al-Rajhi / Michael Orr (Toyota) at 47:29

5. Nani Roma / Álex Haro (BRX) at 1h: 20.39 '

Classifications of the Dakar 2022 in cars, motorcycles, quads and trucks

Check the classifications of the Dakar Rally 2022 in the categories of cars, motorcycles, quads and trucks.

After each day of competition in the test that is being played in Saudi Arabia, we offer you the updated classification in each category.


1 S. Sunderland (GBR) 11h 13 '40'

2 A. Van Beveren (FRA) at 00:04

3 M. Walkner (AUT) at 01:30

4 S. Howes (USA) at 03:55

5 D. Sanders, AUS, at 8:54 am


1 N. Al-Attiyah (CAT) - 09h 31 '22' '

2 S. Loeb (FRA) at 37:40

3 G. De Villiers (LDS) at 45:22

4 Y. Al Rajhi (SAU) at 47:29

5 N. Roma (ESP) at 01:20:39


1 L. Kancius (LIT) 10h 51 '36' '

2 P. Copetti (USA) at 03:32

3 A. Giroud (FRA) at 4:57 PM

4 A. Maksimov (RUS) at 25:47

5 K. Wisniewksi (POL), at 26:11


1 D. Sotnikov (RUS) 07h 59 '07' '

2 E. Nikolaev (RUS) at 02:07

3 A. Karginov (RUS) at 6:34 pm

4 A. Shibalov (RUS) at 10:43 PM

5 A. Loprais (CHE) at 31:11

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