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Dakar Rally 2022: France links last week's Dakar explosion with possible terrorist attack

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has asked Saudi Arabia to carry out a transparency exercise in the investigation of an explosion that occurred last week during the Dakar Rally, which seriously injured a pilot of a French team, before "hypotheses" that it could have been a possible terrorist attack.

"We have asked the organizers and Saudi officials to be very transparent, because there are hypotheses that it could have been a terrorist attack," said Le Drian about the detonation that hit a Sodicars Racing team support vehicle last Thursday when He was leaving a hotel in the Saudi city of Jeddah and seriously injured his driver, Philippe Boutron, in the legs.

Boutron came out of his coma this past Thursday with a reserved prognosis, but the family thanked his partner Mayeul Barbet for the work of his partner, who took him out of the vehicle after the explosion and prevented him from bleeding with two tourniquets

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Saudi security agencies concluded on January 1 that "the initial evidence collection procedures did not point to any kind of criminal suspicion," but Boutron's colleagues claim that the detonation was due to a bomb placed under the car.

This has led the French Prosecutor's Office to open its own anti-terrorist investigation this past Tuesday.

"What can produce an explosion under a vehicle if it is not an explosive device? The bomb was placed under the pilot's pedal, which explains that Phillipe was the only one injured," accused the spokeswoman of the team, Marie-France Estenave.

A fine of 5,000 euros and a reprimand

Le Drian has even declared that the French Government was on the verge of requesting the cancellation of the event. "In these circumstances, you have to be very cautious, " he added in statements to the BFM TV network.

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