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Djokovic Case: Australia Cancels Djokovic's Visa And He Will Be Deported!

New chapter in the ' Djokovic case'. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has exercised his power to personally cancel a visa and has done so with the Serbian tennis player.

Right now, the current leader of the ATP ranking could not play the 2022 Australian Open, in which he is registered and which starts on January 17.

Hawke, in the statement, says: "[Canceled] for reasons of health and good order, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so." Djokovic will appeal the decision of the Australian minister, although without the certainty of being able to compete in the first 'big' of the season.

Spain May Check Illegal Entry Of Novak Djokovic

The tennis star was in Marbella around the turn of the year, but is said to have presented neither proof of vaccination nor a special permit. Djokovic is awaiting a decision in Australia.

In parallel to the dispute over his entry into Australia, tennis star Novak Djokovic may also have trouble with the authorities in Spain.

Everything indicates that the Serbian athlete entered the EU country illegally shortly before New Year's Eve, reports the radio station Cadena Cope, among others.

"I Don't Want To Be Here To Be In Sixth, Seventh Or Fifth Place"

According to other Spanish and Australian media reports, Djokovic was photographed and filmed on December 31 and January 2 and 3 in the posh southern Spanish seaside resort of Marbella.

There he sometimes trained in the Club de Tenis Puente Romano and gave autographs, as reported by the Spanish newspaper El País, among others. Djokovic owns a house in Marbella in the province of Andalusia.

Novak Djokovic Admits Mistakes

When entering the country, the world number one had neither presented proof of vaccination nor applied for the special permit that is mandatory for unvaccinated Serbs in Spain, according to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. The government has therefore instructed the police to initiate an investigation.

No decision on visa cancellation yet

Djokovic is currently in Australia awaiting a government decision on whether to allow him to remain in the country. The Australian Open will be played in Melbourne from Monday and Djokovic wants to defend his title. 

The 'Djokovic Case'

According to information from the Australian newspaper The Age, it will be decided on Friday at the earliest whether he can take part in the tournament. According to this, Immigration Secretary Alex Hawke will not decide on a final cancellation of the visa before midnight.

The unvaccinated tennis player also entered the country with strict entry rules without presenting a sufficient special permit. As a result, he was initially refused entry and was housed in a deportation hotel in Melbourne for several days. However, since the border officials had not given him the agreed time to clarify the matter, a court on Monday ordered him not to be detained any longer. 

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Australian media later reported that Djokovic made false statements upon entry and untruthfully stated that he had not made any international trips 14 days before his visit. This cannot be true, as evidenced by his well-documented visit to Marbella and a trip from his adopted home of Monaco to his native Serbia. He later admitted to having kept the trips secret.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recently held back on the Djokovic case. He indicated that the immigration minister was considering canceling the athlete's visa. "These are personal ministerial powers that Secretary Hawke can exercise," Morrison said. He did not want to comment on the decision-making process.

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