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Novak Dokovic's Family Calls For Protests

In the case of Novak Dokovic, hundreds are demonstrating against the actions of the Australian authorities. The tennis star's father even makes a comparison with Jesus.

In view of the threatened deportation of tennis player Novak Dokovic from Australia, his father has called for protests in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

In front of hundreds of demonstrators, Srdan Dokovic compared the treatment of his son with the suffering of Jesus Christ. Australian border guards had refused Dokovic entry to Melbourne due to a lack of vaccination certificates.

Numerous demonstrators gathered in Belgrade to protest against Dokovic's arrest in Australia. They waved Serbian flags and carried banners that read: "You are afraid of the best, stop Corona fascism." 

In Australia, too, protesters, vaccination opponents and refugee supporters flocked to Dokovic's accommodation, a quarantine hotel in Melbourne. One person was arrested when the police tried to evacuate the premises.  

A Big Point

Dokovic's father affirmed that his son met all the necessary conditions for entry and participation in the Australian Open. He was the victim of a "political witch hunt" and had to be released. "Jesus was crucified and subjected to many things, but he persevered and still lives among us. Novak was crucified the same way," said Dokovic.

Boris Becker appeals to Dokovic

Dokovic's former coach Boris Becker criticized the tennis star's behavior. 

I think he's making a big mistake not to get vaccinated 

Becker wrote in a guest post for the Daily Mail. This mistake threatens what remains of his career and the chance to perpetuate himself as the best player in history.

Becker, who trained Dokovic from 2013 to 2016, strongly advises getting vaccinated. 

Whether he would listen to me is another matter

Dokovic has previously repeatedly expressed himself critical of corona vaccinations. He still does not make his vaccination status public.

Djokovic Takes Legal Action

According to his own information, he received a medical exemption from the organizers of the Australian Open, according to which he does not have to prove complete vaccination against Covid-19.

After he was detained at the airport for hours by Australian authorities, he was taken to a hotel for people obliged to leave the country.

According to the Australian Border Guard, Dokovic's visa for the country has been canceled due to a lack of vaccination certificates. Now a court is dealing with the possible deportation, there should be a hearing on Monday.

The Serbian government is once again behind the world's number one. "Dokovic is not a criminal, terrorist or illegal immigrant, but was treated in such a way by the Australian authorities, which understandably arouses outrage among his fans and the citizens of Serbia," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade.

Australian authorities deny allegations made by the family

Dokovic's family accuses the Australian authorities of treating him like a prisoner since arriving in Melbourne. Home Secretary Karen Andrews denied these allegations. 

Mr. Dokovic is not being held in Australia, he can go at any time and the border guards would be happy to help

He had failed to provide the correct information for his entry. "They are required of anyone entering the country. 

"Deportation!" Tennis Star Has To Leave Australia Again

If this information cannot be provided, then entry requirements into Australia will not be met," said Andrews. There are also two other investigations that also came because of the tennis tournament. She did not mention names.

It is still unclear how exactly the tennis player received his medical exemption and why his entry ultimately failed. A vaccination is mandatory to participate in the Australian Open.

According to Australian media, the problem is that Dokovics received an exception to participate from the tournament management, but this does not necessarily allow entry. 

There is a lot of talk about the visa. As I understand it, the visa is not the problem at all - it is the entry requirements

said Home Secretary Andrews. 

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