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Peter Wright: Darts World champion And Winner Of The World Cup 2021

In the summer, Peter Wright announced that he would win the World Cup and the World Matchplay - six months later this is a reality. The extravagant Scot is working on his darts memorial.

Before the gigantic Sid Waddell Trophy, world champion Peter Wright kissed his wife Joanne, immediately afterwards the man with the red mohawk heralded a new darts era. "Of course I can still win three world championships before I'm too old," said the 51-year-old Scot after his triumph in London, which brought him not only 500,000 pounds (about 595,000 euros) but also a lot of fame and recognition. After another coup after 2020, "Snakebite" Wright is one of only six players to have captured multiple world titles.

Of course I can still win three world championships


When he presented the magnificent cup, which weighs around 25 kilograms, at his nightly interview marathon, Wright said proudly: "She is back. This is my lady." 

Novak Đoković Is Allowed

The bird of paradise, known for its brightly colored hair and brightly colored clothes, has crowned a splendid season and is now only around 15,000 pounds behind Primus Gerwyn Price from Wales in the world rankings. The next goal is clear: to take the top spot for the first time. "By the end of this year I should be number one and the first Scot in history," Wright said. 2022 should also be his year.

The very wild booze that he announced after his first triumph two years ago against the Dutchman Michael van Gerwen was canceled this time according to the audience's favorite. "There's no party but a cup or two of tea," Wright said at DAZN. He is just too old for that. The same did not apply to the duel on the disc in the thrilling 7: 5 final win against Englishman Michael Smith , where experience prevailed. "The old man is still there," said the happy Wright with a dash of satisfaction.

The WWE Champion

He is now two-time world champion, current team world champion and winner of the World Matchplay, which is considered the second most important tournament of the year.

Wright belongs to the illustrious circle of players who won the most important cup of the PDC several times, along with the Englishman Phil Taylor (16 titles), van Gerwen (three) as well as his compatriot Gary Anderson, England's Adrian Lewis and Canada's John Part (two trophies each) to have. He almost stopped doing that a few years ago if his wife hadn't stopped him.

In 2013 he actually wanted to quit

For Wright's career, the notion of a wild roller coaster ride is perfectly true. He grew up in poor conditions and, as a child, threw arrows at trees on which he had previously drawn a disc.

After that he only played on a regional level for a long time, at the end of 2013 he wanted to end prematurely as a professional.

A fine of 5,000 euros and a reprimand

It's his wife every time who gets him back on track. Joanne is not only a partner and confidante, but also acts as a manager for her husband. She also takes on the time-consuming task of creating Wright's hairstyles and outfits before the big shows. She always paints the snakebite on his head. 

What if he left now, as a two-time world champion? "I'm not stepping back, not now. Jo wouldn't let me," Wright clarified and laughed.

While still on stage, the Scot acted as a comforter to his opponent Smith, who, despite a furious tournament with victories over Price and Jonny Clayton, has to wait for an important title. On the largest darts stage in the world, Smith wept unrestrainedly before the almost 3000 fans at "Ally Pally" and victorious rival Wright cheered him up again.

"Keep your head up, Michael. You know you will be world champion in the future," Wright said. The frustrated Smith commented: "I'll win my next final. I'm just two sets missing." Before that, bizarre scenes had taken place in the arena in north London. Wright was crying, Smith was crying, suddenly Wright was hopping back and forth to his run-in music "Don't stop the party" by Pitbull, celebrated by the audience.

Van Gerwen and Chisnall were not eliminated in sport

It was a fitting end to a World Cup with thrilling games, great darts sport, but also plenty of bizarre pace with a full hall in times of the corona pandemic and positive tests, which included Dutch ex-world champion van Gerwen and last year's semi-finalist Dave Chisnall Took England out of the tournament.

During these three weeks, the PDC came under more severe criticism than ever before and at some point only communicated the bare essentials.

For Wright, things should continue with further successes after a great season. He's still missing the Premier League title, and the replacement of the muscleman Price as number one should only be a matter of time in view of the strong year 2021.  

Wright sees himself on the Olympus of his sport.

Now I have two! It was out of luck. To win this tournament a second time is very special 

said Wright. Even if you're too old to celebrate it big.

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