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PSG 4 Famous Footballers Including Messi Are Victims Of Corona Virus

Leading Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and four other footballers from the same club have contracted the corona virus.

The French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has confirmed that four players, including Messi, have been affected by Corona.

A statement from the club said that in addition to Messi, three other members of his team, Brent, Sergio Rego and Nathan, have also been diagnosed with Corona, after which all four players have been quarantined.

According to the PSG, the condition of the four affected players is better and they are being monitored by specialist doctors.


According to the Paris Saint-Germain club, Neymar JR is taking care of himself in Brazil. He will join the training camp on January 9 after a three-week break.

Macy's had recently gone on holiday to Argentina with his family. He had hoped in his message on the social networking site on New Year's Eve that in the new year restrictions would be lifted and we would be able to meet each other without any distance.

French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has confirmed that their team member Lionel Messi has been diagnosed with the corona virus.

The PSG club said in a statement that three of their players, including Messi, had been diagnosed with the corona virus, after which all four players had been quarantined and doctors were monitoring their health.

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