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WWE: Brooke Lesnar Once Again Became The WWE Champion

Brooke Lesnar has won the WWE Championship once again, but this time the victory is astonishing.

In fact, Brooke Lesnar had to compete against Universal Champion Roman Reigns for the championship in an event called WWE Day 1.

But at the last minute, the match had to be canceled after being diagnosed with code 19 in Roman Reigns.

The company then included Brooke Lesnar in the WWE Championship match in which the champion Big E had to defend the title against rivals such as Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley.

After the inclusion of Brock Lesnar, it became a competition of 5 wrestlers and it is surprising that Brock Lesnar was not a part of this match till the morning of January 1.

Messi | Victim Of Corona Virus

Brooke Lesnar defeated defending champion Big E by his special Daw F5.

It is difficult to say who Brock Lesnar will compete with next, but it is not yet possible to say when the Roman Reigns will return.

This is because they have beaten leukemia, but the corona virus is considered a major threat to such individuals, and by the time they return, they will likely be in the form of the same champion in the WWE, Brooke Lesnar.

Now the next WWE event will be the Royal Rumble, in which Brock Lesnar will likely compete against Bobby Lashley, which fans have been waiting for a long time.

Earlier in the event, Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch defended her title by defeating Leo Morgan.

Similarly, Wrestler Edge defeated The Maze, while SmackDown Tag Team Champion The Osouz defended their title by defeating The New Day.

The Raw Tag Team Champion team also successfully defended the title by defeating their rivals.

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