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Guardiola: "I Don't See A Better Place To Be Than Manchester City"

The Manchester City manager reiterated his satisfaction at City, although he denied having started talking about a new contract. "We haven't talked about anything. I am focused on the remainder of the season, but a renewal depends on many things."

Pep Guardiola does not hide his happiness at Manchester City. In a week marked by the announcement of new contracts, with the renewal of Jürgen Klopp with Liverpool as the main course. “I want to congratulate Jürgen on the news of his renewal. Throughout my coaching career I have had rivals. I think it is very good for the Premier League that Jürgen has renewed his contract”, Pep analyzed before being asked about his situation as a 'sky blue'.

Yellow Submarine Sinks In Octopus's Garden

Guardiola, who has a contract until 2023, has reiterated how comfortable he feels at City, although he has denied that talks have begun to renew his contract: "I don't see a better place to be than City, but a renewal depends on many things , many situations. Right now, as I've told you, I'm busy thinking about Leeds, we haven't talked about renewals. I have a great relationship with everyone in this club, owners, CEO, Txiki…“

Talks aren't expected to start anytime soon, much less before the end of this season. But within the club there is the intention to sound out another renewal from next year. But before this scenario arrives, Guardiola will visit Leeds this Saturday with the Premier at stake.

“This game comes too early for Walker. I don't know how he will make it to the end of the season. Stones is out for Leeds, we'll see for Wednesday at the Bernabéu.”, added the coach about the team's casualties.

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