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Guardiola: "We have to learn from the culture of Madrid, who when they are losing 0-3 don't burn the ball"

The City manager praises his rival's response in difficult moments before meeting in the first leg of the semi-final in Manchester.

Pep Guardiola wants to flee from the edges, especially the edges that persecute him in Spain. He appeared serene at the Etihad Academy, shortly before training. Affable, explanatory and even smiling at the questions of the English press, he was sparing, without extending himself to the Spanish media. He ran away from debates, not a word about styles, and repeated, in both languages, that the things that happen to Madrid in the Champions League have nothing to do with luck. "With 0-3 against, there are several players who raise their fingers and say here I am. Lo burns the ball," he said, adding: "We have to learn from that, from their culture."

Guardiola spent a second part against Atlético, in the second leg, in which he expected those steps, whether or not his own were exhausted. City do not have leaders, not like the ones Guardiola cited: " Kroos , Modric , Alaba , Carvajal and, of course, Benzema , they all take that step forward". "They are footballers who have been in that situation many times. Not us," he insisted.

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"If it were for history -he added- it is clear that we would not have any chance. Therefore, we must think that we are eleven against eleven, both teams with a lot of quality. Go out and do what we know best. The matches are unpredictable, for footballers move".


The Catalan is probably the coach who has the best balance in confrontations with Madrid, especially when he was in charge of Barcelona. "Of course I know the rival, but I don't think that this puts me in a special situation.

Talent is fought with talent, there is no more", he said, without wanting to refer to his duality as a Barcelona player and a rival coach, tomorrow, of the madridistas. "I've always respected Madrid a lot and I've liked a lot of things about them, from the time I was a player".

For the City coach, who is in the semi-finals for the second consecutive year, the duel is an "exceptional test to know where we are".

The recovery of Ruben Dias, although after weeks of inactivity, is essential to regain hierarchy, the value in which he knows that he is below Madrid. Regarding the rest of the doubts, such as that of Walker or Stones , he said he would have to wait for the last training session, which City then held at the Academy facilities, next to the Etihad Stadium, the scene of the first leg.

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