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Saudi Pays 10 Million More If Real Madrid And Barcelona Are In The Super Cup

The Federation, calm after the appearance of the audios between Rubiales and Piqué because "everything is absolutely legal". That amount represents only 7,500 euros for each team in the president's salary, 1.18% of the total.

The contract signed in 2019 between the Spanish Football Federation and Sela (the Saudi public company that organizes sporting events) establishes, in two of its clauses, that Saudi pays 10 million more (until completing the 40 of each edition) as long as Real Madrid and Barcelona are in the Final-Four of the Spanish Super Cup.

There is a clause for each team with its corresponding penalty. If Real Madrid does not qualify to play it, Saudi Arabia pays five million less. If Barcelona is the one that doesn't qualify, it's also five million. Therefore, if between now and the end of the link, which could last until 2029, on some occasion it were the case that neither Madrid nor Barça were classified, the Federation would receive 10 million less, and the figure, it should not be a math expert would spend 40 to 30 million for that edition.

The Super Cup To Arabia

A part of the salary of Luis Rubiales is variable, in such a way that the president of the Federation, apart from a fixed salary, receives 0.15% of any income received by the body he presides over. Doing the math, 0.15% of five million is 7,500 euros. Taking as reference the salary of Rubiales in the year 2021, published in the transparency portal of the Federation a few days ago, those 7,500 euros represent 1.18% of his total income ( 634,518.19 euros gross, which leave him a remuneration net of 339,237.12 ).

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This detail, that of the penalty clauses if Real Madrid or Barcelona are not present, is one of those that adorn the contract that is the subject of debate after the publication, by El Confidencial, of the audios in which President Rubiales himself and Gerard Piqué , a Barça player and businessman, launch the new Super Cup format in 2019, consisting of the League champion and runner-up facing the Cup finalists in a kind of Final-Four to be played in Saudi Arabia, a country that does not respect the most elementary human rights.

Regardless of how evident the trust between the two is, it is clear, also documented with copies of the contract,what was published by EL MUNDO on November 8, 2019 , and it is that Kosmos , Gerard Piqué's company, was the one who made the intermediation between the Federation and Arabia, and that is why he charges four million for each edition.


After the publication of the audios, the Federation said it was very calm because "everything is absolutely legal." Sources close to Rubiales explained to this newspaper that it is not a crime for an intermediary in an operation to charge for it, and they stressed throughout the day that the payment of that commission corresponds to the Saudi Arabian authorities, never to the Federation. They also wielded the information from this newspaper in that 2019 to highlight that Piqué's intermediation "was already counted."

"This is fireworks, and it's all part of a smear campaign against the president. It was a big operation for Spanish football. He has provided 240 million euros in these years, and of those 240 million, 120 go directly to football more modest", underline federal sources. At the time, from the City of Soccer they affirmed to continue with the legal part of this whole matter, since they affirm that the material that El Confidential has published was illegally stolen from Rubiales' mobile phone.

In a statement made public last Thursday, in the middle of Holy Week, the Federation stated that the organization and its directors had been the object of "attempted computer attacks such as hacking and phishing, which were promptly reported to the Police." He also closed the text with a forceful phrase: "An organized criminal action is verified and directed to the subsequent revelation of secrets through the distribution of confidential documentation with a clear spurious intention."

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