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Xavi: "Without Messi Everything Is Being More Difficult"

The Egarense coach spoke of the difficulty of playing the season without the Argentine star. Xavi reviewed the most complicated moments of the year since he arrived.

Xavi Hernández recalled Leo Messi's name in the press conference prior to the match against Rayo Vallecano at the Camp Nou. Asked about what it is like to train Barça in this moment of crisis, the Egarense coach referred to the difficulty of facing the post-Messi era.

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"We are in the post-Messi era, we must have a lot of patience. I was the first to aspire to win titles, but we have to strengthen ourselves for next year. We have to be realistic, calm and patient. Without Messi everything is more difficult The attitude of the team is being commendable, yes ", said Xavi.

"There are moments of everything. There have been moments of science fiction, such as the 0-4 at the Bernabéu, but also moments of terror, such as the Covid situation or when we were ninth in the League. It is our reality and we must face it", confessed Xavi, reviewing some moments of the season.

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