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How Much Money Does Real Madrid Take For Winning LaLiga Santander?

Real Madrid already has LaLiga Santander tied, and can still win the Champions League. How could it be otherwise, these trophies report very important economic amounts for the clubs. We discover them.

Real Madrid is champion of LaLiga Santander and among the questions asked by football fans is the following: How much does the white team earn for lifting the title? The answer lies in the famous television rights. As we have already explained, the final position in the table is one of the conditions that explain the money that each team receives at the end of the course (more specifically 25%). In addition, it conditions the following four years.

A Possible Return Of Cristiano

According to the estimate made by Roberto Bayón, economic specialist in sport, for the 2020-21 season, this competition will bring Real Madrid around 60 million euros, spread over the next five years.

The difference between being first classified and second is usually about 10 million euros. A not insignificant amount that can be the difference between preparing a good squad for the next course or falling a bit short.

That yes, it will be necessary to make accounts with what happened in the last four seasons. To give you an idea, the estimate we have discussed is the one Bayón made for Atlético de Madrid in 2021, who had just finished third in 2019. In 2018 he was second and in 2017, third again.

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