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Madrid Open: Carlos Alcaraz Resigns From Rome: "Better To Rest And Be In Paris One Hundred Percent"

"I still have to assimilate everything I'm experiencing," said the Spaniard after overwhelming Zverev in the final of the Madrid Masters 1000.

“Right now you are the best player in the world”, Alexander Zverev entertained him, after being practically annihilated, already in the prelude to confetti and champagne. It is. Few will dare to discuss it. Carlos Alcaraz prevailed in Madrid after doing so in Barcelona and walks the circuit with unquestionable authority. Nobody plays like him. Nobody wins like him.

According to what was seen in the final, the most difficult work, which was a lot, had already been done. After going over Nadal and Djokovic, Zverev was little for him, who chained his tenth consecutive victory and got his fifth career title and second Masters 1000, after also winning in Miami. To stop a player like him right now you need tennis and attitude, and the German, two-time champion of the tournament, had neither one thing nor the other. Alcaraz won 6-3 and 6-1, in one hour and two minutes, and is, at 19 years and three days, the youngest champion of the Mutua Madrid Open, surpassing Nadal in precociousness, who won the first of his five titles in the capital, in 2005, with 19 years and five months.

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“I woke up with a swollen ankle from the fall I suffered against Nadal and with a blister. It was a bit difficult for me to walk, but in the end, together with my team, we managed to be one hundred percent during the match, ”explained the Spaniard at a press conference, where he announced that he will not be at the Masters 1000 in Rome. «With the desire I have to fight for a Grand Slam, it is better to rest, recover from my foot and be in Paris one hundred percent».

A break in the sixth game of the first set and three others gave him victory and made him the sixth man in the professional era to win the first five finals he has played. «I still have to assimilate everything I am living. I am a tennis player who is playing very well, performing well on the clay. You learn from defeats, and I did so after losing the first in Monte Carlo. I know that now I am a difficult opponent."

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Zverev added 25 unforced errors, to 11 for his rival, and made seven winners, compared to 12 for the Spaniard. The truth is that the giant, close to two meters, did not go beyond a disjointed doll in many moments, a toy in the hands of Alcaraz, who destroyed it with his usual weapons and his changes of rhythm, making him dance on the floor to the tune that he he played, either through power or through mimosas, house brand drops.


“Something I have to say is that the work of the ATP this week has been an absolute disgrace. Two days ago I went to bed at four in the morning. Yesterday [early Sunday morning], at five twenty. Today [yesterday], on the court, I was angry because I had no coordination on my serve and my groundstrokes. Even being fresh, I probably wouldn't have beaten him, but it would have been a better match," the German used as extenuating circumstances at a press conference. 

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His semifinal against Tsitsipas concluded at 1:10 a.m. on Sunday, almost five hours after Alcaraz defeated Djokovic. To this we must add all the subsequent routines in high competition.

Without detracting from Alcaraz, and without ignoring the poor planning of the order of play, perhaps the tournament, which has celebrated its twentieth anniversary, deserved another opponent for him. Since David Nalbandian won in Madrid in 2007, beating Djokovic, Nadal and Federer, no player had beaten three top-fours at a Masters 1000.

The fact did not go unnoticed by the protagonist, who mentioned it in the press room, accompanied by the champion's cup. “I compete in everything. With Juanqui [Juan Carlos Ferrero, his coach] golf, petanque. I don't like losing at anything. Now I still have to assimilate everything I'm living."

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