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Mbappé Disappointed With Madrid's Latest Offer

According to the newspaper El País, Mbappé is considering renewing with PSG so as not to give Real Madrid 50% of the sponsorships. The white club demands as a club policy half of the advertising income from all the players they sign.

The arrival of Kylian Mbappé seems to be stagnating more and more. The PSG star is seriously considering his continuity in the Parc des Princes so as not to give Real Madrid 50% of the sponsorships , as the white club demands. As the newspaper El País explains, Kylian Mbappé's lawyers were perplexed when Real Madrid presented them with the fourth and last formal offer to hire him: 180 million as a signing bonus, a salary of 40 million euros net per year , and 50% of the benefits derived from the transfer of image rights.

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It is not new that Madrid asks Mbappé for such a condition. Since Florentino Pérez assumed the presidency in 2000, he has demanded the transfer of half of all the amounts generated by the footballer through sponsorships from the date of his hiring . Something that, according to his lawyers, completely transformed the scene. So much so that a month and a half later, the French striker is seriously considering renewing with PSG.

The French star, advised by the lawyer Delphine Vertheyden, an expert in image rights, and his entire team of lawyers, estimate that the player's assets in terms of publicity would currently be around 40 million, but that they could rise to 70 in this next campaign. EA, Nike or Hublot are some of the brands that already work with the player, but the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year multiplies the interest of companies in the French national team's scorer.

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In addition, Vertheyden and the footballer's parents confess that they are surprised because during almost two years of conversations, Madrid had not mentioned anything to them about the transfer of 50% of the image rights.

And beyond that, they remembered with surprise that Madrid had come to propose the signing of a compensation contract, in which a fine was breached if either party finally breached the agreement. The lawyers did not see the benefit that this commitment could have for their client, who according to FIFA rules, since January was free to negotiate with whomever he wanted.

Totally uncertain right now is the future of Mbappé, in which an arrival at Real Madrid that was taken for granted months ago seems to be getting more and more complicated. The player continues to express his calm in the face of the situation, but the truth is that the season is over and the player and his entourage must begin to resolve his relationship with the club where Mbappé will play next season.

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