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Villarreal 2-3 Liverpool: Asterix's End

At half time it looked as if a Spanish village could pull off another football sensation. Then Liverpool FC and their own goalkeeper went into action.

Villarreal 2-3 Liverpool (2-0)

Goals: 1-0 Boulaye Dia (3rd minute), 2-0 Francis Coquelin (41st), 2-1 Fabinho (62nd), 2-2 Luis Diaz (67'), 2-3 Sadio Mané (74')

First leg: 0:

How did the game start?

Exciting and surprising. You had to be very optimistic to hope for an exciting Champions League evening. Liverpool was too decisive in the first leg, Villarreal too harmless. And now this. The first goal for the Spaniards after less than three minutes. A cross from Estupiñán was found by Capoue, who (involuntarily?) crossed to Dia. Estupiñán, Capoue, Dia – three names that say it all, precisely because they mean very little to most viewers. 

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That actually applies to the entire team. Villarreal is certainly the most underprivileged club to make it to a semi-final in a long time. There are no stars, but it was enough for Bayern. At the weekend, Villarreal lost at the bottom of the table in the Spanish league. Of course you only saved yourself for Liverpool.

What happened next?

Was that the same team as in the first leg? Villarreal kept playing forward. The side started Liverpool so early it was believed Villarreal thought the game time would be reduced to 45 minutes. Surely they can't keep up with that? But before that question was answered, Francis Coquelin headed in a cross to make it 2-0. Liverpool were perplexed.

And the stadium El Madrigal, one of the smallest, yellowest and loudest stadiums in the premier league, wobbled. After all, almost every second of the 50,000 inhabitants of Villarreal fits in, which of course is not possible in Madrid. It doesn't always have to be a Gallic village, a Spanish one will do, too. And how beneficial would a sensation have been in the mega-club age with few surprises? It's just a shame that the Valencian Asterix and his friends went from then on.

What happened in the second half?

She looked different. Liverpool took over. There were several reasons for this:

1.) Villarreal retired, after the inhuman pace in the first half they had to. They evened it out.

2.) Jürgen Klopp will not only have made a nice dressing-room speech, but he also brought on Luis Díaz, who turned the game around and hinted at why he has the makings of a superstar. Again and again he dribbled past his opponents on the left side. Once he hit the outside post, but headed the 2-2 himself.

3.) Villarreal's goalkeeper.

Who didn't cut a particularly good figure?

The keeper Gerónimo Rulli. Already in the first leg he seemed a bit clumsy when he conceded the first goal, when he could only slap a deflected cross into his own goal. Well, in the second leg, he got hit twice through the legs, the maximum penalty for a goalkeeper.

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Above all, Fabinho's first goal was a clear goalkeeping error. Rulli was also to blame for the insignificant 2:3 in the end when he came out and wanted to imitate Manuel Neuer and clear the ball outside the penalty area, but had to realize that he was just Gerónimo Rulli. He kicked an air hole and Sadio Mané just had to slide in.

Is Liverpool in the final again?

Yes, it will be the third Champions League final with Jurgen Klopp in five years (won one, lost one). At what point does it become a problem if the same people always make it into the endgame?

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