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Canadian GP: The Epic Hesitate From Verstappen To Hamilton That Even Made Lewis Smile

It seems that, after what happened at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the last grand prix of last season,  Hamilton and Verstappen have a good relationship. And this has been demonstrated by both in the press conference prior to the eighth race of the year.

To escape the pressure that surrounds him today, Lewis has taken to playing video games. "I've been playing Ayrton Sena's Super Monaco GP I I for a couple of nights," said the seven-time champion at a press conference.

"My Intention Is To Play"

These words of the Mercedes driver caused the Formula 1 world leader, Max Verstappen, to hesitate. "Do you have porpoising problems in the game too?" asked the Red Bull man, laughing. "No, no," replied Hamilton, as he had a smile on his face.

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Lewis Hamilton was very critical of getting out of the Mercedes after free practice for the Canadian GP, ​​because the experimental parts he tested on Friday did not give the expected results. "Nothing we do on this car works, we tried different set-ups George and I in Free Practice 2, to see if one works and the other doesn't.  Mine was a disaster, " assured a frustrated Lewis again.

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