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Dani Alves Announces That He Will Not Continue At Barcelona

The Brazilian side has said goodbye to the club and the Barça fans this Wednesday through a photo on his Instagram.

The Brazilian international winger Dani Alves will not continue at Barcelona next season, as confirmed by the player on his Instagram account on Wednesday, from where he said goodbye to the club and the Barça fans.

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"Now the time has come for our farewells. They were more than 8 years dedicated to that club, to those colors and to that house... but like everything in life, the years pass, the paths deviate and the stories are written in some time in different places," he announced. Alves, who turned 39 last month, was grateful for having "the opportunity" to return to Barça last season " to say goodbye."

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"I would also like to thank all the 'staff' for the opportunity they gave me to return to this club and to be able to wear that wonderful shirt again. They don't know how happy I am. I hope they don't miss my craziness and my daily happiness", he claimed.

The Brazilian winger is leaving the Barça team after winning 23 titles, including "2 triples, 1 sextet and a great written gold book", he recalled.

"A very beautiful cycle closes and another, even more challenging one, opens. May the world never forget it: a lion, even if he is 39 years old, continues to be a very crazy lion," he said in his farewell.

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