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Former Fifa President: Joseph Blatter Denies Allegations Of Wrongful Payment

The ex-Fifa president is said to have illegally paid Michel Platini two million Swiss francs. In court, Blatter spoke of a "delayed payment of wages".

The former president of the world football association Fifa, Joseph Blatter, has denied the allegations against him and Michel Platini in a trial and complained about media prejudice. The Swiss public prosecutor's office accuses Blatter of illegally transferring two million Swiss francs to former Uefa chairman Platini in 2011. The defendants allege that the payment was a late fee - Platini worked as a consultant for Fifa between 1998 and 2002.

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It was "totally incomprehensible" for him that he was in a courtroom because of the process, Blatter said before the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona, Switzerland. The payment of two million Swiss francs to Platini went through all the necessary bodies at the world association. "It's an owed late payment of wages. It's an administrative matter in a club and it's dealt with under civil law," said Blatter.

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The public prosecutor's office, however, accuses the accused of having deceived the world association about an allegedly outstanding claim by Platini. According to the indictment, Blatter is said to have unlawfully confirmed FIFA's payment of two million francs (around 1.92 million euros) plus social security contributions to Platini. They have to answer for allegations of fraud and other crimes.

Blatter complains about prejudice by the media

The questioning by a public prosecutor's office in 2015 about the allegations shocked him, said the ex-Fifa boss. "This shock has lasted seven years now, this shock is still there." At that time he had already received the "maximum penalty" and was "outlawed" in the world. "The media have given me a criminal record," he said.

After his election as Fifa President in 1998, he agreed to work with Platini, Blatter said. He said to him: "I'm worth a million." In August 1999, a contract backdated to the beginning of the year was agreed with a salary of 300,000 Swiss francs. When Platini pointed out that this was not the entire agreed sum, he said: "We'll see about that later." In 2011, Platini billed the sum of two million Swiss francs. Platini's hearing is also planned for this Thursday, and there will also be a first hearing of witnesses.

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