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NBA Finals 2022: The Anticipated Final Of The Finals That They Did Not Expect In The Bay

The Golden State Warriors cling to the Chase Center so as not to travel to the Boston Celtics field at a clear disadvantage.

In a competition as dynamic and long as an NBA series, a second game should not be expected to be an early final. But the NBA Finals reach the second stop at the Chase Center in San Francisco with the obligation on the part of the locals, Golden State Warriors, not to face a practically impossible. Come back from 0-2 to the Celtics, with three appointments at the TD Garden.

The Warriors arrive with doubts to the second game. They are logical, because their scoring explosion in the first game did not serve to do what they had been achieving throughout the post-season: break it. Curry was undetectable and alone, but the Celtics latched onto the hands of their less-than-stellar players. Largely due to a blurred Jayson Tatum -although brilliant from the point of view of the vision of the game and the assists-. A cocktail in which those of Kerr only received.

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Udoka, with coaching changes and adjustments, turned the game around and resolved in favor of the Celtics. Blow on the table, due to the reaction that left the Warriors in 'shock'. And it's important for Game 2, because it was based on depth of rotation, adjustments and getting intelligence off the ball. A mixture, in which Payton Pritchard and Derrick White emerged, and that can be repeated because it is a hallmark of Boston.

Thus the things, the Warriors must react in San Francisco. It is the first time in all the playoffs in which they give home court factor to start. In fact, most of the defeats were due to low intensity from the start and the mistake of its stars. 

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Against Boston it was the disaster of their second unit and that with the return of the best they did not understand how to react. If they fail to defend Boston's changes and close the shot they will suffer again. Without knowing with what result, but it is not a good prognosis.

Steve Kerr said in the last hours that "it was important to turn the page and understand the ups and downs during the qualifiers." He also that they had studied the reaction of the Celtics.

They know they have the weapon of rhythm and outside shooting, but to this must be added more defensive effectiveness and a change of pace that is unknown if they have. That's where your options will go.

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