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Rafa Nadal Signs Up For Wimbledon: "My Intention Is To Play"

The Spaniard, who has not played the tournament since 2019, travels to London on Monday and will train there for a week. "I haven't been lame in days," he says of his foot radiofrequency treatment.

At about 10:30 am, when Rafa Nadal began his training on the grass of the Mallorca Country Club, the thermometer was already hovering around 30 degrees. A few hours after a session open to the media, around 1:45 p.m., he officially announced what could be suspected, after that appointment between photos and videos, about his state of form:

"On Monday I travel to London and I do it with intention to play at Wimbledon. He confirmed it 12 days after being crowned for the 14th time at Roland Garros. He now points to the London green, a mat that he has not stepped on since the semifinal against Roger Federerof 2019. The suspension of the tournament due to the pandemic, first, and his foot injury, last year, have kept him away from an elegant stage that he has conquered twice, although the last one, in 2010, has already passed. 12 long years.

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"I am happy with the treatment. I have not been lame for a week, which is important, and in my day to day I have suffered different pain than I had," the Balearic tennis player started in his appearance, before confirming his intention, keyword in his message, to dispute the third big of the year. "My intention is to try to play Wimbledon. My intention is to travel to London on Monday and I do it with the intention of playing. If things don't go as I want, we'll see. I want to train there for a week, play an exhibition in Hurlingham and see how I evolve Prepare myself the best way I can," he added.

At 36 years old, Nadal will celebrate his 15th visit to Wimbledon, where he has not been since 2019, after the pandemic and an injury. In his last two appearances, he fell in the semi-finals to Novak Djokovic (2018) and Federer the following year. There he has contested five finals, lifting the cup in 2008, with that memorable nightfall against Federer, and 2010, when he beat Tomas Berdych. In 2011, against Djokovic, he would play (and lose) what is, at the moment, his last final in London.

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"After three years without playing on grass, you have to have a little patience. I have a week of training left in London and I hope that will help me to be competitive in the tournament," he acknowledged. "Grass is a very difficult surface because there is little logic. And even more after the years that I haven't done it. Any round is complicated and the beginning of the tournament is going to be vital. If you advance, you already compete more normally for personal safety and the pace of competing on grass. Somehow I'm going to try to survive whatever it takes", is his best recipe in the British capital.


Without the number one Daniil Medvedev, banned by the organization of the tournament because he is Russian (so are the Belarusian rackets), nor the German Alexander Zverev, convalescing from the serious injury he suffered during the Roland Garros semifinals, precisely against Nadal, the The Balearic tennis player appears in the tournament as the second seed, only behind Djokovic, whom he would not face until a hypothetical final. It had been half a century (1973) that the first two tennis players in the ranking had been absent from the British Grand Slam.

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"The pain that did not let me support has decreased. With the treatment in the nerve, sometimes some parts of my foot fall asleep. But it is something normal and, in theory, in a few weeks it is reorganized", he detailed about the treatment of radiofrequency to which it has been subjected. "There have been two sessions, which is what was planned before Wimbledon, and the evolution, as I think, is being satisfactory. We'll see in five days. I know that things change. For now it has allowed me to train, and for That's why I made the decision to travel to London. I trust that things will go well, "he concluded.

It will be the eighth tournament that Nadal plays this season, where he has already had to stop for a month and a half, after the stress crack in the third left ribcage that he suffered in Indian Wells, during the semifinal against Carlos Alcaraz. There he fell in the final against Taylor Fritz.

It was one of the three defeats he has accumulated this year (also against Alcaraz, in Madrid quarterfinals and against Denis Shapovalov, in Rome round of 16) where he has won four titles (30 wins): Melbourne, Australian Open, Acapulco and Roland Garros. At Wimbledon, he will have a new opportunity to expand that tremendous track record where 22 Grand Slam titles shine, never seen before in the history of men's tennis.

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