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Scare At The World Swimming Championships: American Synchronized Swimmer Anita Álvarez Rescued After Fainting In The Water

She passed out in the pool after completing her individual free routine exercise in the final and Andrea Fuentes, her trainer, dressed in street clothes, lunged for her. Last year, during the pre-Olympic, she suffered a similar episode.

When the music stopped in the Budapest pool, the body of the American Anita Álvarez vanished. She just completed her exercise in the individual free routine final and passed out, sinking underwater. Her trainer, the Spanish Andrea Fuentes, reacted almost immediately and, dressed in street clothes, launched herself at her and, with the help of a competition assistant, they managed to quickly get her out of it. A tremendous scare that, for long minutes, left the public with a heavy heart.

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The American was treated by medical services and, minutes later, the American swimming team reported that the swimmer is out of danger, although she will undergo various tests in the coming days to reveal the causes of the fainting. 

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"It was tremendous, Anita wasn't breathing. She didn't breathe for two minutes. I tried to wake her up by slapping her and opening her jaw," explained Fuentes, who won four Olympic medals with Spain, in 'El Partidazo de COPE'. "When a swimmer finishes, the first thing she does is breathe, she sank and no one reacted, so I jumped in," he added.


It is not the first time that Anita Álvarez experiences a situation like this. Last year, during the pre-Olympic course for Tokyo 2020, where she competed in pairs, she also experienced a fainting episode that left her scared.

"On another occasion I also had to help her, but it was not so serious," Fuentes recalled. "Athletes put the body to the limit, he has discovered today where his is," she completed.

Álvarez competed in the final where the gold went to the Japanese Yukiko Inui and the Spanish Iris Tió was sixth. Of Mexican roots, she was named Synchronized Swimmer of the Year along with Mariya Koroleva in 2016 and 2019. She was also named the best artistic swimmer in the USA in 2021.

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