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FC Barcelona: Laporta Reopens The Door To Messi: "I feel indebted to him"

The president of the Barça club hopes that the stage of the Argentine footballer at the Camp Nou has not ended.

Joan Laporta , president of FC Barcelona, ​​acknowledged that he feels indebted to Leo Messi, who left the Camp Nou last season, for which he wishes that his chapter at the Barça club is "not yet" over. "I feel indebted to Messi. I hope that the chapter has not yet ended at Barça and it is our responsibility to ensure that it remains open and has a much more splendid ending than it was," Laporta said in an interview with ESPN.

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The head of the entity highlighted the Argentine as the "possibly best player" in the history of FC Barcelona, ​​"the most efficient" and "only comparable" to Johan Cruyff. Regarding his departure, Laporta regretted that it occurred due to the legacy he received from the previous board of directors. "It had to happen one day, we had to make a decision as a result of the legacy we had received, the institution is above players and coaches. As president of Barça, I think I did what I had to do, but on a personal level and also As president, I think I owe him a debt," he said.

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Now, Laporta tries to clean up the economy by activating the economic levers, obtaining nearly 650 million euros with the sale of 25 percent of the television rights to 'Sixth Street' for 25 years.

"The club is better because we have returned 100 million credits and it is healthy again, but we have to work to get more income and not come from the sale of assets." A strategy that has avoided major evils for the institution. "Barça was about to disappear and we had to manage the chaos with great skill. Now we have not only overcome this phase, we are once again in a financial position to face all the challenges that arise," added Laporta.

However, despite the arrival of great players in the transfer market, such as Robert Lewandowski, Raphinha, Kessié or Christensen, the club is still pending the future of Frenkie de Jong, who could leave in the coming weeks. "He is our player, we like him a lot. We received some offers for Frenkie, but we are not accepting them at the moment, we want to talk to him and find out exactly what he wants. We need to clarify some aspects of his situation," he added.

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